RWD // Home - A VR Spacewalk

Have you ever been into outer space? Chances are, for most people, the answer is no. “Home,” a virtual reality project from the BBC, wants to bring the breathtaking experience of space to everyone -- no rocketship required.

Step out of the International Space Station and view Earth from an angle you have never seen before. Repair damage to the space station. Participate in a space walk. All of this with your feet comfortably on solid ground. “Home” is an experience unlike any video you have ever seen. There is no wider angle than a short of the curvature of the Earth as the Sun peeks over the horizon. Watching this video might make your stomach do a bit of a backflip; it’s that realistic and immersive.

The phrase, “you need to see it to believe it,” is kind of cliche but, in this case, it’s a perfect description. No words can describe this incredible VR experience. It’s a look at Earth like you have never imagined before.

BBC Home is a stunning demo video.