The Grid | AI Websites That Design Themselves

The Internet is anyone’s game, and with countless services available to help people with building a site, it’s tough to decide where to start. The Grid gives a brand new spin on the do-it-yourself site: a platform that uses AI to build your site around your content.

The video starts off with a simple, white square in center screen with a dark navy backdrop. This little square evolves throughout the video and become an entire website layout. Seamless animation turns the square into a larger square. Then into a cube, then a window with crisp icons in the middle. After a number of other iterations, it returns to a simple square, pulsing in center screen until it bursts and becomes hundreds of little lights moving deliberately across the screen.

These lights come together to form a grid, which then highlight a changeable, smart website layout that builds itself around a user’s content. The content shifts from professional to casual, with modern web styles, depending on the user’s preference. The site further shows off it's artificial intelligence prowess as it changes the color palette of the entire screen on user’s whim, from sepia to greys to bright color.

The Grid is all about evolution—as more the content is added in the video, the layout changes around that content to show the viewer how their website could look. The sample site produced in the video is a casual, modern site with square images fitting together like puzzle pieces, evolving with each content addition.

To end the video, the same lights that came together to form the grid pulse again across the screen, and the background images all disappear to reveal the dark navy backdrop with a small, white square in the center. The camera zooms out, and millions of little square lights form a globe of the world connected by light. The Grid’s logo, a large, square letter G in the shape of a maze comes over the globe to brand the commercial.

Content is the heart of the internet, and with the Grid, any user can let their content remain the focus of the time they spend working on their website.

The Grid is a professional demo video.