Samsung - Samsung Bedtime VR Stories

“Reading to children at bedtime is dying out because parents are too busy.” That is the quote that welcomes us to this video. However, Samsung has a modern solution to this problem.

This video follows a mother and daughter. The mother is traveling for a work trip and won’t be able to see her daughter in person for 3 days. Samsung uses split screen video to show the separation between these two family members. Luckily, using Samsung VR Bedtime Stories, mother and daughter can come together for a bedtime story together no matter where they are in the world.

The video uses a great, immersive experience to give the viewer an idea of what the VR Bedtime Stories look like. Throughout the bedtime story, Samsung does a great job of finding the perfect moments to alternate from the VR experience to a shot of the mother and daughter enjoying their bedtime story together. The daughter is especially funny as she waves her hands around and laughs. Clearly, she appreciates the immersive experience. The characters are colorful and the adventure appears to be very exciting. The modern bedtime story makes the old paperback bedtime stories seem bland in comparison.

If you were left unsure about how awesome the VR Bedtime Stories are; just watch the daughters face as she pulls off the VR headset. Her smile stretches ear to ear and she has only one word… “Wow!”

Samsung Bedtime VR Stories is a stunning commercial and demo video.