54Celsius Gorgeous Homepage

54 Celsius is an art & design company that specializes in two candle-based products. The Pyropets collection, which is made up of animal shaped candles, and the message candles collection, which is a range of candle that has a message engraved on the wax.

The website acts as not only a shop, but as a portfolio of the owner, Thorunn, and her work. The candles are great examples of how something so simple can still be so beautiful, and in many ways, that theory carries over to the design of the website.

The home/landing page offers you a choice between browsing the Pyropet range or the message candle range, each represented by a model candle from the collection. Selecting an option takes you straight to the product range and into the full website, where there are only a few pages: product information page, contact page, and about page.

54Celsius Gorgeous Product Page

Thus, the navigation is streamlined and reduces any optional or unneeded sections. The transitions between sections and pages generally use a slick sliding motion, and there are examples of some subtle animation e.g. the candle flame that add a little more depth to the simple website structure.

The core colors used on the website are black, white and gray, with each product having its own color as well. A rounded style of sans serif font is used for the copy through the website, with a capitalized, heavier style used for headings. The rounded fonts add an artistic, friendlier feel to the brand and take away some sharpness from the design.


54Celsius Gorgeous Product Page

The content of the website is fairly limited, but it is interesting to learn about the background of the artist and her company. There is an accompanying video to each product which does add to the engagement factor and helps to build appeal around each product. The website performs smoothly, helped by the fact it is quite a small and condense site - that said, the mobile experience isn’t quite as slick.

Overall, the website is a stylish, minimalistic, and well-planned portfolio of 54 Celsius’ products. There’s a nice combination of calm colors, subtle animation and smooth effects throughout.

54Celsius is a gorgeous website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Manufacturing industries.