The Perfect GridBook Clean Homepage

Ales Nesetril’s promotional website for his e-book, The Perfect Grid: A Creative’s Guide to Instagram, uses an ingenious concept. Nesetril utilizes a single page site format with deep scrolling options, making it easy for users to navigate through all of the information.

The home page depicts a great use of visual symmetry, and it reflects a split-panel format. On the left, Nesetril uses the color blue to highlight the calls to action—”Buy Now for $8.99,” and “Read a Free Sample.” The right pane promotes a video that provides a short snippet about the book’s concept, which influences the UX interface.

The Perfect GridBook Clean About Page

The “About” page is designated with simple, clean lines of symmetry, which attracts users to the content on the page. Nesetril keeps the content plain and uncomplicated, but purposeful. Within the text, Nesetril highlights keywords that hyperlink to his social media pages, influencing the UI and UX applications. The featured image of Nesetril is of high-quality, and its dark background juxtaposes against the white backdrop.

The Perfect GridBook Clean Testimonial Page

The website includes a testimonial page with a simple background and content that emphasizes quotes from those who recognize Nesetril’s talents. Each name, highlighted in blue, contains a hyperlink to that person’s Instagram page, allowing users to interact with their social media account.

Overall, Ales Nesetril’s promotional website for The Perfect Grid consists of a brilliant use of minimal concepts and keyword infiltration. Its bright colors and single page format make the sitemap easy to navigate, while readily showcasing the author’s creative talents.

The Perfect GridBook is a top website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.