ParkaLondon Minimal Homepage

Located at a far northern latitude, the city of London is known for having dozens of rainy days every year. Luckily, tourists and locals alike have learned to adapt and enjoy time outdoors with the right clothing choices. ParkaLondon is one brand that brings fashion and function together, so London memories can be made all year long—no matter the weather!

The ParkaLondon website maintains a clean, corporate feel to streamline the shopping experience. Crisp photography of all their products, from men’s outerwear to women’s accessories, fill in the visual areas next to open negative space. Fonts appear in thin, black capital letters with wide spacing. Color choices are minimalistic, and a few images are strategically highlighted in slideshows against backdrops with gradients of red, gray, yellow, or pink.  

ParkaLondon Minimal Product Page

Much like the history of the parka itself, site pages preserve a simultaneously classic and contemporary feel. Layouts of ParkaLondon’s pages are professional and symmetrical, but they use subtle modern design elements to keep the user experience fresh and engaging. Delayed text reveals, fade and zoom effects on images, and shifting colors or fill movements ensure a responsive user interface. Icons are scattered throughout the site to attract user attention, and varying font sizes and thin lines visually divide sections of pages for shoppers.

ParkaLondon Minimal Product Page

Shopping pages are the core of ParkaLondon’s user experience, and these maintain the thematic continuity of the site while presenting more information. An easy drop-down menu uses the same thin, all-black font to direct users to various sections of the site, but sale options are highlighted in red. Users can apply sorting filters to view shopping content by color, style, features, and price.

The page design keeps things simple by posing models against a monochromatic backdrop that’s barely darker than the warm white found throughout the rest of the site. Prices and style titles are listed just under each image, and hovering over a photograph brings up a small, white text box with a brief description and a “quick shop” option.

By using a minimalistic approach, ParkaLondon’s site provides users with an easy shopping experience that still feels on the cutting edge of style.

ParkaLondon is a minimal website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.