Anagram.Paris Clean Homepage

All it takes is a little imagination. Human ingenuity has repeatedly broken the boundaries of space and science to create tools and technology for all of humanity. From the automobile to the airplane, from the computer to virtual reality, human creations are constantly changing the world. Anagram is a digital design agency seeking to change the face of the digital realm by developing innovative creations beyond the imagination. Marketing strategies, web tech, and mobile applications are just the beginning of their ambitious ventures.

Anagram’s own web design features the same thought and creativity that has led them to work with brands from all over the world, including Burger King, Universal Studios, Sony, Microsoft, and Volkswagen. Using a clean interface with interactive effects, the site invites users into a world of opportunity to change expectations through ingenuity.

Set against a white background overlaid with large black-and-white images and teal accents, the site uses a minimalist color scheme to maximize user attention. Crisp, rounded type contrasts with rough text that has the appearance of handwriting, and the changing, movable textual phrases capture the eye. As users scroll, small links float in from the left and encourage users to explore more. Engaging features, like an interactive map for locating the company, scatter the page and bring users into the experience.

Anagram.Paris Clean Website Design

Artistic ingenuity is all about expression, and for this digital design agency, that means using their craft to evoke emotions. A menu navigation page found in the upper left of the header on each page drops down to reveal a fully teal background. From here, users have the option to view the agency’s work, team, story, and location. The same handwriting text font stands out boldly on the page in white, giving users a sense of familiarity and connection. As users hover or click, a dark black line streaks across the center of the chosen menu option, and the new page loads.

A portfolio page is the most important component of Anagram’s site, exhibiting a variety of samples for users to explore. As with everything on this interface, it’s the user engagement that brings the portfolio to life. When users scroll down, black-and-white images in square or rectangular shapes pop up on the page. The same contrasting font scheme found from the beginning of the site is present here, too. The images are scattered across the page in asymmetric patterns and varying sizes to attract interest.

Anagram.Paris Clean Website Design

Clicking on any of these samples gives users an even better taste of the agency’s skill and originality. A simple narrative, moving imagesand examples of each of the digital projects are shown, giving users a clear understanding of how the agency creates work for different purposes.

Perhaps one of the most unique and intriguing aspects of this user experience is the way users can choose either a scroll or drag option to journey through narratives and other parts of the site. Dragging the site screen morphs the page to give a 3D effect. New colors that highlight the project and break up the dominant color scheme give users a fresh interest in the content. Easy navigation arrows in the top right header point users to more projects to explore. Overall, the visual minimalism and easy access actively pulls users into the site. Anagram’s website skillfully presents the ingenuity they employ when crafting their brand new digital experiences.

Anagram.Paris is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.