Avery Brewing Corporate Homepage

Every beer has a story. Avery Brewing wants to tell you theirs, a smart strategy considering the importance of brand narrative. A website is the best chance most brands get to tell their story.

With the bold choice of a red, black, and white color palette, Avery Brewing’s website immediately grabs the user’s attention. Images that reflect this palette dominate the screen, leaving minimal negative space, while white serifed font creates elegant titles and buttons on the images.  

A minimalist navigation bar to the left hand side hosts icons instead of script. Omitting texts in favor of bite sized illustrations is a smart space saving option. Helping to make sure things are clear, scrolling the cursor over the icons causes text that describes the function of the button to appear. The fun illustrations also serve to add to the playful aesthetic of the page.

The home page also plays host to a social media wall. The social media photos reflect the same aesthetic as the home page; dark colors and playful images dominate.

By coordinating website design and social media posts, Avery Brewing is able to cultivate a strong brand image. Disappearing text appears against a red background as the cursor hovers over each image, echoing the same color palette and reinforcing brand identity.

A map at the bottom of the page doesn’t just add texture — it is also helpful for user, demonstrating careful UI design.

Avery Brewing Corporate Website Design

About Us and History modules are a great way to cultivate a cohesive brand narrative. To learn more about Avery Brewing, users may explore a simple timeline that mirrors the same colors from the home page. Copywriting on the timeline pays special attention to showcase the American made nature of the brand. The timeline not only spotlights the age of the brand, it also allows Avery Brewing to show off some of their awards and achievements, cultivating brand credibility.

There are hundreds of breweries in the country, so it can be hard to stand out. By focusing on bold colors and brand focused imagery, Avery Brewing manages to do just that through their web platform.

Avery Brewing is a corporate website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.