J. Hornig's Beautiful Homepage

Welcome to J. Hornig’s, a delectable designer of coffees and teas meant to entice your taste buds and give you a moment all to yourself to indulge in something fantastic.

A stunning, rolling field moving with sunlight pulls you into a serene setting that’s easy to lose yourself in the moment you enter their site. Sit tight and find yourself immersed in the beginnings of an interactive documentary.

As the images come full circle, begin scrolling down the page to become a part of J. Hornig’s company history. Beautiful imagery is combined with framed text boxes to tell you the story, making it feel as if you’re not even reading while you scroll!

Great navigation is key to any website and the ability to move through a site is crucial to a friendly user experience.

A simplistic design is used of white and red to create a timeline down the menu page for you. J. Hornig wants to share their story with you and wants each part to make an impact on you.

Because of this, their take on a menu is different. The unique design only allows what you’ve already viewed to be seen as options to go back to. The more you read, the more menu options you’ll have to peruse through!

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J. Hornig's Beautiful Product Page

Once you’ve indulged in the story behind J. Hornig’s, make your way on over to their shop where you’ll be able to peruse through the different coffees and teas the company makes.

The left side of the page is a menu for you to utilize. Its pale appearance is not distracting color-wise while still maintaining a strong enough presence to remind you it’s there.

Crisp and clear product photographs line up on the page with a large amount of surrounding space to draw attention to each picture.

As you find products that interest you, the company easily lays out the name and price in an easy-to-read font. The layout of the products allows for quick shopping without the hassle of a complex setup.

J. Hornig prides themselves on designing top of the line coffees and teas for their consumers to indulge in, and their top of the line website design shows that. The gorgeous documentary set up draws you into the dynamic history of where the company came from. Strong visuals make the journey easy to lose yourself in.

J. Hornig's is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Food & Beverage and Professional Services industries.

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