Beau Cacao Best Website Design Homepage

Elegant. Exquisite. World-changing. That is the approach Beau Cacao takes with their chocolate. Wanting to create chocolate bars unlike anything else in the world, Beau Cacao takes a cultural approach to the way they infuse their chocolates.

When consumers visit the company’s website, they are greeted with a beautifully-rendered slow-motion video clip of cacao trees, machinery at work creating chocolate, and people creating the company. \

The video immerses consumers into the world of Beau Cacao. Laid over the image, the company uses a simplified sans serif font to share their company goals with their consumers.

The website uses a number of product and company photographs to show off what the company creates as well as who runs it. The photographs are combined with a digitalized keyboard font that resembles a typewriter. The dynamic appearance makes for a smooth transition down the page. 

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Beau Cacao Great Website Design About

Beau Cacao’s start is an impressive story and it is something that they want to share with their consumers. With a beautiful beige negative space, consumers embark on the company’s history with its combination of sleek photographs and text boxes.

Each short chapter of their story is given a chapter title in a complementary deep brown sans serif font left aligned with the edges of the centered photographs.

Aligned on the right with the other edge of the photographs, consumers will find a few paragraphs telling some part of the company’s story. It makes for easy and intriguing reading.

Beau Cacao Web Design Checkout

With two elegantly-crafted chocolate bars, Beau Cacao allows consumers from all over the world to indulge in their delicious Malaysian chocolate through an online store.

With only two different bars, consumers simply have to pick which bar they want -- or pick up both -- and add them to the cart. The company puts together an easy-to-use check-out form to gather all the important information needed to make sure the chocolate bars find their way to the buyer. The use of a pale gray negative space allows for all the focus to be on the form, making it easy for consumers to complete a purchase.

Beau Cacao is a best website design in the Food & Beverage and E-Commerce & Retail industries. 

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