What Makes Food And Beverage Branding Agencies Unique?

Similarly to other related companies, food and beverage branding agencies specialize in building memorable brands that engage and convert the audience.

However, what makes them unique is that they particularly serve clients and businesses from the hospitality industry.

They have unique insights into the sector that allows them to:

  • Better understand their clients' audiences and key competitors
  • Use tested tactics
  • Develop winning startegies
  • Implement industry trends 
  • Interpret data more accurately
  • Accelerate project delivery

What Do Food And Beverage Branding Agencies Do?

Best branding companies realize that food and drinks’ visual appeal, presentation and marketing campaign can make or break a purchase of a product.

The food industry is a highly competitive one and as it satisfies the daily needs of virtually everyone on Earth, finding ways to grasp the attention and inspire loyalty is imperative.

In order to create a brand out of you or your product, good agencies will take branding - the process of building the identity - through these stages:

  • Consistency in style: A quality brand should have a common aesthetic thread, a recurring theme, that will run through all of its products and be applied to all channels
  • Copywriter's tone: In close connection with the above, the way your message comes across must be unified and unique.
  • Color palettes: The best brands have recognizable colors. Agencies can help your particular type of food and drinks product identify the right palette and use it to evoke the need for it with your demographics.

Furthermore, branding agencies help companies that produce them engage their markets through a well-adjusted brand’s personality.

Strategic branding often means the intelligent design is just a fraction of these agencies’ duties, which also encompass:

  • Market and consumer research: collecting knowledge and insight into your niche’s particular category
  • Consulting with relevant experts
  • Creating PR and print campaigns
  • Defining brand positioning and visual characteristics
  • Brand naming
  • Packaging design
  • Brand testing
  • Ongoing support
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Why Food And Beverage Branding Agencies Matter To Your Business?

Branding is taking one business’ or enterprise’s core values, services, messages, mission, products and demographics and unifying them in a brand that envelopes all of these elements in a fitting and visually presentable way.

Although it’s mostly associated with visual execution and creation of such elements as logos and packaging, branding encompasses much more, including the expertise of graphic design professionals.

Online grocery sales are projected to grow and generate about $150 billion by 2025.

So, crafting unique branding strategies and experiences is also done across numerous platforms such as:

  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Newsletters and email campaigns etc.

The branding process usually consists of steps such as developing a brand strategy, coming up with visual guidelines that all designed elements must adhere to, designing a logo and releasing the entire brand on all channels and platforms.

Agencies also follow this procedure. They do that in order to create a presentation of your company which customers and consumers will associate and identify with quality products.

This builds a connection between what you as a business offer and consumers’ understanding and embracing of it.

A KPMG report on The Truth About Customer Loyalty shows that transparency has a strong influence on loyalty, especially among Gen Z and Millenials.

So, it means that transparent brands get a more loyal following and no long-term business has ever been successful without branding.

Food and beverage branding agencies know this and seek to increase your revenue in that regard.

In addition, 57% of consumers view restaurant websites before deciding where to dine.

However, an interesting fact says that consumers form their first opinions within seven seconds.

Food and beverage branding agencies will make sure your potential clients form a long-lasting impression that drives engagement and conversions.  

Food and beverage branding agencies develop product strategy from the ground up
Food and beverage branding agencies develop product strategy from the ground up

How Much Do Food & Beverage Branding Agencies Charge For Their Services?

Since the branding of a business is an all-encompassing, all-consuming action, food and beverage branding agencies usually charge a significant amount of money. Although, of course, it primarily depends on the magnitude of work to be done.

Depending on which services you need, you may not need a huge budget. If you just need a logo created, this could amount to anything between $3,000 and $150,000.

However, in case your business needs a full package - a brand name, new logo, marketing campaign, slogans etc. - the cost rises from approximately $30,000 to $300,000.

The cost of the agency’s services also depends on their location. US-based companies usually charge at an hourly rate of $120-$250 per person for this. Some other regions, such as Eastern Europe, charge $35 to $75.

However, you may want to ask for an exact price of a specific project, instead of going by the hourly rate. In that case, the rundown looks a bit like this:

  • Designing a logo: $3,500 to $150,000
  • Brand name: $10,000 to $75,000
  • Website: $10,000 to $250,000
  • Branded ads: $20,000 to $1,000,000+

Instead of going by the general rates, we advise looking at every agency’s exact pricing range from our table list above. You can filter your search results by this pricing criteria.

Food branding agencies help differentiate your product in a sea of others
Food branding agencies help you differentiate your product in a sea of others

How To Choose The Right Food And Beverage Branding Agency?

We will go over some essential questions that you need to ask a branding agency you are thinking of hiring. But in order to save a step and filter out exactly what you need, consider these matters:

  • Definition of objectives: This must be done on your internal end, as well as by the agency you plan on hiring.
  • Creation of a campaign: Having set the objectives, branding agencies can then develop your brand’s identity.
  • Looking into their track record: Every self-respecting food and beverage branding agency should have a portfolio of their works and clients at hand. Also, find out who will be the team members working on your project specifically and look for their personal success rate, work history and back-catalog.
  • Make sure your investment will be returned: Return on investment (ROI) is what you absolutely need to identify clearly. The cost of investing in branding agency services is high so you want to make sure your business can and will grow and return the money invested.

Needless to say, you are looking for an agency - that is, a firm specializing in a very particular industry. It is also important to not forget to check their food industry credentials.

Find out just how much understanding of this matter they demonstrate, inquire about the ways they keep up with food and drinks branding and packaging trends.

Remember, this market and its consumers have different ways, habits and needs than that of those, say, tech markets. Adjust your strategy and look for your agency partner accordingly.

Food and beverages branding and e-shopping
Brand transparency drives customer loyalty

10 Questions To Ask A Food & Beverage Branding Agencies Before You Hire One

Once you made sure that all of the above requirements are met by at least several food and beverage branding agencies, it is time to boil it down to The One.

You can find your preferred business partner if they respond positively to the questions below:

  1. Ask them to tell you their sincere thoughts about your products and your current branding strategy. What are you doing good and what can be improved?
  2. Have they worked previously in a niche such as yours and do they have a portfolio of that work?
  3. How will they come up with a campaign that will introduce a new brand for you and will you be able to participate in brainstorming?
  4. To which media channels and platforms will they be translating your new branding strategy?
  5. How do they plan to achieve identity cohesion for your new branding?
  6. Who will comprise the team working on your branding project and who is your main point of contact?
  7. Can they guarantee that you will see a ROI in a reasonable timeframe? What methods do they plan to employ to make sure this happens?
  8. Do they have crisis management plans that might make them intervene and adjust the branding strategy once it’s rolled out?
  9. How do they plan to keep on track with the project’s timeline?
  10. What analytics will they use to report on the success of the branding campaign and help determine if you are nearing your objectives
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Takeaways On Food And Beverage Branding Agencies

As evidenced by this guide article, branding is a very complicated matter and is quite multi-faceted.

That’s why, more than with any other type of service you may need, it’s important that you set your internal goals before you look for a food and beverage branding agency.

Don’t forget the gist of it all and why you’re on this page! Check out our list of best-rated food and beverage design agencies above. If you’re not content with just going through the top three, below that you’ll find an absolute monster of a list with hundreds of agencies.

Look for your preferred partner by comparing them in terms of experience, cost, portfolio, locations and other criteria.


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