Boeing 3D International Space Station Website Design Homepage

Design agency R&R Partners designed the website for International Space Station. It is meant to be an immersive journey around the International Space Station and see how it is truly a lab like no other. A subset of the Boeing website, the International Space Station’s website accurately reflects its identity.

The theme is a minimal background with dark images in tones of black and gray. The font is in a darker shade of blue, very thinly weighted, but well-spaced and easy to read.

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Boeing 3D International Space Station Top Website Design

It opens to a page that is image-heavy, pictorially describing the Space Station (seen above). The information on the page explains Boeing’s involvement, what the International Space Station is, and its various milestones.

The page also contains engaging content in the form of information about technical specifications as well as feature stories. The content is well organized and easy to access, and combined with the design, makes for excellent user experience.

A short scroll from the top of the landing page also gives you the option to take a 3D tour of the station -- the big draw of this website. 

Boeing 3D International Space Station Website Design About Page

That 3D experience, the most interactive element of the website, gives the user an integrative and realistic experience. The 3D experience extends to the Earth’s orbit, experiments in space, and other factors like the design used and the multinational efforts. The background is slightly interactive as well, and switches from pitch dark to navy blue, with the rotating earth in the backdrop, and an aircraft in centered prominence. As the aircraft rotates, options show up, and on clicking them, information about the topic pops up.

Overall, the 3D International Space Station website follows a clear strategy, and the information present is relevant and engaging. The color schemes and visual content used greatly enhances the aesthetic of the website, and the font and textual content make for a compelling experience. The interactive features of the website clearly up to the level of the website design, providing a wholesome experience with an attractive element.

3D International Space Station is an interactive website design inspiration in the Aerospace industry.

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