Air Force Beautiful Homepage

Ready to aim higher with your life than you ever imagined possible? Join the United States Air Force and transform your life into something incredible.

See the Air Force in action the moment you enter their website. Dynamic clips of service men and women doing what they do best cycle quickly for a strong introduction. See them on the ground, in the air, and in space to get an idea of just a few of their endeavors. The homepage works with you in mind, building a long front to help you learn about the aspects of the Air Force. Images and text boxes alternate between one another to add variety before your eyes as you scroll.

Being such a diverse branch of service, the options to dive in the Air Force’s website and, as a result, a strong navigation system is essential. The website's full screen menu takes organization to a pristine level as they lay out every page option you have on a series of columns. Each one comes to life with a brilliant photograph that takes on its own color scheme, making it easy for you to tell one column from the next. The vibrant display lets the bold page titles capture your attention. It's a stunning combination that gives you an in-depth look at the Air Force's website.

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Air Force Beautiful About Page

Simplicity becomes the foundation for informing you about the Air Force’s mission in life. Thematic imagery lines the page as you come face to face with some of the many areas of working interest you can follow when you join up.

Your eyes are drawn down the center of the page as each section of writing is center aligned, leading you through each piece of information. The easy reading makes for a pleasant experience. As you move from section to section, the website employs a number of basic effects that help to introduce you to the various texts on the page. They're minimal, but the choice changes the pace of your reading as you go and makes for an interesting visual aspect.

Powerful photographs create the visual foundation for the Air Force's website, impacting users with the different aspects of the branch. Organization and minimized selections of wording optimize the space on each page to create a friendly user experience.

U.S. Air Force is a beautiful website design in the Aerospace and Government industries.

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