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Transformation redefined. That’s the promise of Canal Park Cambridge. Taking their old campus buildings and creating something entirely fresh and new, Canal Park Cambridge is sure to delight and be welcoming to all those interested in this new plan.

Amidst a tremendous project, simplicity becomes key to this website. The homepage offers a very basic color combination of bright blue, muted gray, black, and white. The combination is relaxed and easy on the eyes, inviting you in from the moment you come to their homepage.

The faintest of maps light up the background of the homepage. The longer you stare at the screen, the more clear things become. You can make out buildings, roadways, and the water. If you’re familiar with the area then you’re familiar with the map. It shows the region in which Canal Park Cambridge is located.

Canal Park Cambridge Best Web Design Contact

What you think of Canal Park Cambridge matters, but in order to think anything of it… you have to be informed. So Canal Park Cambridge goes above and beyond to create a simple yet effective About page that builds your learning curve about their buildings.

A building model for each complex is the key to understanding them. These pale models are marked and shaded in various areas to show off what’s available and what’s not. It gives users a clear understanding of how what floors and offices are available and what they offer.

These dynamic buildings mockups capture your attention and build impulse.

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Canal Park Cambridge Image Website Design

Canal Park Cambridge sets itself apart by not embedding their images into the online gallery, but by making them downloadable. You’re given access to open a series of PDF files that open up a completely different area of the website.

Row after row of gorgeous photographs line the PDF, showing off the campus buildings in broad daylight. The puffy white clouds in the sky, the bright lighting, and the perfect angles on each photograph maximize impact. It’s hard to deny how attractive life at Canal Park Cambridge suddenly seems after going through their gallery PDFs.

Canal Park Cambridge puts a fresh spin on real estate website design. Separate downloadable galleries create an on-the-go resource for you as you search for the right place. This, combined with a relaxed color scheme and bare minimum design, creates a highly pleasant experience that leaves users feeling comfortable. 

Canal Park Cambridge is a professional website design in the Real Estate and Professional Services industries.

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