Shift Capital Beautiful Menu Design

From the preloader to the navigation, the Shift Capital website sets itself apart from other real estate debt advisory and capital raising company websites.

Instead of designing a website bogged down with text, this company uses parallax effects and content blocks of either text, photography, or color and typography to display information lightly. This is seen throughout the site, from presenting the team in the "About Us" section to providing information in the "Services" section.

The color palette goes from blue to gold, which are associated with both competence and luxury. This is exactly what Shift Capital stands for, as they describe themselves as "a recognized company in professional and institutional real estate financial advisory."

This website is very well thought-out; from small details, like the menu animation to the smooth scroll, there is great attention to detail.

Shift Capital Beautiful Website Design

The News section breaks the typical rules of design. Normally, web designers are advised to show some information above the fold and keep banners banners large, but not full-screen. But on this site, as users enter the subpages, they are presented with large photography, big titles, and breadcrumbs. Only after users scroll do they see the actual content of the page.

Golden details like calls to action and arrows add contrast to the site. While the images associated with the news articles are not the main content here, they give more prominence to the company.

Shift Capital Beautiful About Page

This page contains several types of content, including a map, history, and the team. Each area is differentiated well without the use of divider lines. Instead, a smart grid aligns to the left and acts as a break between content.

Shift Capital Beautiful Contact Page

Contact pages are typically simple, but this site surprises with a call to action directly beside the office phone and location in large gold type. After users scroll, they are presented with the contact form. Clean lines and a neat layout help keep the stroke of the input boxes to the minimum -- only enough for the user to know where to type. This keeps the user focused and improves their experience.

Shift Capital Beautiful About Page

The team members are displayed with the first letter of their name in the background combined with a parallax effect. This makes an otherwise simple background a little more elegant.

Shift Capital is a beautiful website design in the Architecture and Real Estate industries.

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