Golden Center Elegant Homepage

The Golden Center Apartments is a set of apartment complexes in Zagreb, Croatia. Utilizing a complementary color scheme of gold and navy blue, the company creates an elegant and sleek web design that readily reflects the type of apartments they offer.

Centered in the middle of their home page, the company embeds a slider of high-resolution photographs that showcases their apartment styles. Potential residents have the opportunity to manipulate the slider back and forth with the use of a navigation button found along the right edge of the slider.

Along the top of the page, users will find a header menu that allows them to move throughout the site. Page titles are made visible in a capitalized sans serif font against the navy blue negative space. When the page is open, its title in the menu transforms from white coloring to gold.

Golden Center Elegant Menu Design

By accessing the page through the header menu, users can find a breakdown of the different apartment plans offered by the Golden Center. A two-by-six grid of white text boxes and high-resolution photographs of the apartments acts as a brief introduction to the different layout plans.

To find a more in-depth description of each apartment type and a gallery of apartment photographs, the Golden Center makes use of a secondary hamburger menu within the “Apartments” section. The menu—left-aligned in the upper right corner—opens a sliding window. Creating its own contrasting color scheme, the deep gray background allows the white serif font to stand out impressively.

Golden Center Elegant Website Design

The Golden Center offers an easy-to-use platform for users to contact the company about their apartments. A simple plugin form is left-aligned in a light gray negative space. It uses fill-in boxes and multiple choice options with photographic icons to get all necessary information from the user. On this page, the header menu moves down the page and becomes a footer menu with the same design properties.

The Golden Center makes use of complementary and rich colors to create a platform that showcases the high-definition photographs of the company’s apartments. The exquisite combination builds intrigue and interest in users.

Golden Center is an elegant website design in the Architecture, Hospitality, Luxury and Real Estate industries.