Change Gout Elegant Homepage

The Change Gout Organization (CGO) is dedicated to finding a cure for the debilitating disease gout. Its website is revolutionary, readily taking advantage of UX and UI applications.

The home page uses a light-gray background with a parallax-enhanced format to pull the content on the page to the forefront of users’ screens. On the left side of the page, two call to action buttons allow users to either visit the page or to explore the menu.

CGO has designed a beautiful, three-dimensional human mockup, comprised of animated crystals. Each crystal represents a part of the body affected by gout, and every one of them is a symbol for the crystallization of deposits in the body. This is a brilliant play on UI and UX because as users move the mouse, the crystals move with it.

Change Gout Elegant Menu Design

At the top of the page, a horizontal menu gives users the option to click through the site, which makes sitemap navigation a cinch. The bottom menu features a light-gray background, and although noticeable, it doesn’t interfere with the overall concept of the website. The menu contains hyperlinks to the privacy policy, disclaimers, and contacts. On the right side of the menu, users can follow the Change Gout Organization on social media, or they can even share the website on their personal pages.

Change Gout Interactive Menu

The menu page is interactive, enhancing the UI and UX applications. It utilizes an advanced CSS and Javascript programming. As a user clicks on the crystals, they can learn more about gout and its effects on the human body and everyday life through videos or readable content.

Users can zoom in and out to further explore the menu. The tab titles are categorized by unique colors to emphasize a specific purpose: Maroon or deep red is the “meet gout” section, orange refers to “treating the target,” and blue features “better management.” When a user clicks on a menu button, a modal window will pop up, allowing them to either watch a video or get a quick synopsis about that section.

The page features minimal content, which draws users’ attention to the interactive menu. Each section allows viewers to click on a “read more” call-to-action button, which inspires users to study the subject on an even deeper level.

Change Gout is a creative website design in the Education and Medical & Pharmacy industries.