Cornell University Elegant Homepage

Collaboration and an innovative culture come together at Cornell University, enriching students’ lives and the lives of the New York community around them. Change your life and change your community by giving the university a chance.

A versatile university with a focus on research and building strong skill, Cornell University builds a home page that introduces you to the latest news happening that they feel is worth mentioning. Crisp and clear photographs move between one another on a slider, depicting students or the university’s campus. Pay attention to the white text on one side of each image. You’re bound to find an intriguing article on the university.

The vibrant introduction is a fantastic segway into the remainder of the home page, where you’ll find yourself becoming familiar with aspects of Cornell life. The website utilizes a brilliant combination of a plain background and pictures to help separate the different page segments. The switch between pale grey and brightly colored images adds a dynamic visual level to your scrolling but proves to be highly useful in your navigation. It’s an easy and unobtrusive way for the website to assist your reading.

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Cornell University Elegant Contact Page

Having created a highly successful program, Cornell University is privy to a number of locations as well as a number of partnered locations to ensure the success of their students. Find the location nearest to you by making use of the university’s locations and contact page.

Getting straight to the point, the page skips design fluff to bring you an organized presentation of where to find them. Taking to the center of the page, the list combines a location-specific photograph with a briefing about the location.

Everything is kept simple, making it easy to breeze through each one and find the one you want to investigate further. It builds enough intrigue to have you exploring your options with Cornell University.

Cornell University is an ivy league school that uses their website to build user interest by combining a minimal platform with dynamic photographs to show off the university. An updated introduction proves a great way to generate user interest and start users off on a pleasant endeavor within the university’s website.

Cornell University is an elegant website design in the Education industry.

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