Celebrate Design Beautiful Website Design

Come on by and celebrate one hundred years of design history! With the concept of design continuously changing, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure as you dive into Celebrate Design!

Breaking down the history of design into five captivating areas becomes not only the key to learning, but also the key to getting around the site. From the top of any page you’re able to access the menu to help you navigate.

Vibrant coloring becomes the foundation of the menu. Each page is assigned its own color to stand out. The chunky blocks make it super easy for you to read the page titles. Pick a page and dive on in!

Like the home page, every page initially presents in the same stylistic manner. It takes one look at the menu to get a true feel of them. That same bright coloring from the menu is what greets you when you come to the home page. Have some fun as the page comes equipped with secret animations to complement the website’s theme. Move your mouse around! The color rolls back, showing off several quirky and funky designs. The introduction is an exciting way to entice and intrigue you, making you want to explore the website more!

Pick a topic and wander through the last one hundred years of design in that area. The long scroll of the page is easy to access through just scrolling downward if you want or by accessing the creative dot menu on the side of the page. The minimal background makes it so the gray dots are easily seen. All you have to do is move over one to see where it’ll take you!

The minimal background lends a helping hand to pulling the slide’s content to the front of your attention. Brilliant coloring and eclectic imagery combine on each slide for an intriguing, historical display. The choice allows you to focus on being educated about design in ways you never knew existed!

Through vivid displays, meaningful quotes, and a simplified set up, Celebrate Design brings a beautiful and quirky website to you for educational purposes. The user experience designed is pleasant, making it easy to lose yourself in one hundred years of history!

Celebrate Design is a beautiful website design in the Advertising and Arts & Recreation industries.

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