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Deuren Website Is A Result Of A Meticulous Study And Research

Deuren is a luxury door manufacturer from West Yorkshire, England. Their website was conceived, developed and designed by their compatriots from Mirfield - The Bigger Boat branding agency.

Deuren has been in the business of producing high-end internal, front and garage doors for 25 years. Their unique approach to design and customizable solutions required a website that would reflect the products’ appeal.

The Bigger Boat successfully achieved this goal when they created the Deuren website design. It showcases their industry expertise, as they had the foresight and experience to make the web pages easily scalable for future growth and content restructuring.

The website was developed after a thorough review of data at the agency’s disposal. It helped them to better understand the business and the market.

In the agency’s own words:

“We spent time analysing user behaviour and usage of the site using Hotjar’s Heatmap software, as well as carefully researched the very best in user experience practices.”

Deuren’s target audiences are architects, self-builders and property developers. The agency needed to strategically emphasize the bespoke products’ technical superiority to attract and retain these highly qualified visitors.

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A Comprehensive Menu Navigation Reflects The Breadth Of Deuren’s Work & Expertise

Showcasing products required the integration of multiple features and functionalities, including a simple yet comprehensive user-oriented navigation.

The main menu navigation sitting at the top of the website welcomes the visitor and stays on the screen as the user scrolls. It is split down the middle with Deuren’s brand name and crest, with one side far to the left and the other far to the right.

Each side of the main menu consists of several sub-menu items. When a user hovers the mouse over them, they open in a drop-down fashion, revealing category items such as “All our internal doors,” “View our door styles,” “Woods and finishes,” etc.

Furthermore, the drop-down functionality also contains several images linking to other points of interest, such as brochure download, case studies or the product gallery.

This type of organization was necessary because of the sheer volume of content on the website. While it potentially could make the navigation overly complex, these drop-down windows contain every page available on the website and they, therefore, even simplify matters.

Site layouts like this enable web designers to effectively manage and present comprehensive content while maintaining a user-friendly navigation experience!

Deuren web design

Gold-White Color Palette And Serif Fonts Indicate Fine Craftsmanship & Versatility

Deuren website design lets the company’s products do the talking when it comes to aesthetics and visual appeal. The lush, rich door samples are displayed in high-res images and are a website design element by themselves.

The website uses a lot of white space complemented with gold and black accents to emphasize the brand’s offerings. It’s similar to how branding agencies use a neutral color palette for the visuals to look seamless, easy on the eyes, timeless, and unmistakably classy.

Meanwhile, the main headings and messaging use a refined serif font that is generally associated with an elevated lifestyle: its sleek lines and curvatures convey the feel of affluence about the brand.

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The Warmth Of Duren Website Design’s Photography Mimics The Brand’s Primary Materials

The photography used on the website, its colors and imagery complement Deuren’s choice of materials for their product development.

Potential customers can choose from a wide array of materials, particularly the different types of woods and finishes, all indicated on the website.

One cannot deny the quality of the naturally sourced materials, as evidenced by their colors and sturdiness. These also lend a much-needed warmth and depth to Deuren website design.

Furthermore, visitors can zoom in on the majority of the photographs to better take a look into the intricate details, texture and integrity of the featured wooden products.

These photos harmonize with the website’s predominantly pastel hues.

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Deuren Website Design Exudes Luxury & Justifies The Value Of Their Exquisite Product

The Bigger Boat’s website design for Deuren prioritizes usability and efficient delivery of the main message.

However, the luxurious nature of the brand’s doors and the quality of their craftsmanship are not left behind.

Deuren’s website does a great job communicating the brand’s unique value propositions and market differentiators to a well-defined buyer persona.

Not settling for the top-class frontend, The Bigger Boat also committed themselves to create a versatile backend:

“A headless CMS was crucial to building truly bespoke elements and achieving Deuren’s ambitions for a best-in-class website, with no compromise on speed. We ensured a sound SEO migration strategy was implemented to protect rank as much as possible.”

This level of dedication from the research phase and CMS development to the frontend and finishing touches earned The Bigger Boat their DesignRush Best Website Design Award for Deuren web design.

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