Style Novels Creative Homepage

An Interactive Design Encourages Users To Scroll Through The Captivating Online Furniture Catalog

Style Novels is a web page dedicated to the meticulous categorization of exquisite furniture. It’s a high-end site that provides users with a rich experience through several highly curated catalogs of complementary furniture, all available for purchase.

The reason that this site really shines is due to its responsive, graphics and silky smooth web functionality and transitions that help to immerse users within a specific catalog. This homepage is the jumping off point from which users descend into a highly aesthetic shopping experience.

Users click on one of the colored circles and immediately zoom into a themed collection of furniture. This dynamic and responsive interface creates a sense of space and style that most online shopping sites lack. From this home page, users are transported to a digital boutique, providing a rich and textured shopping excursion.

Once users click on a specific circle, they are carried in a single fluid motion to a specific catalog. This page is the entrance to the “Small Garden Party” boutique furniture collection.

What’s most significant about this page is how the designer created a dynamic visual gateway that sets the tone for the entire collection. The color selection, title and selected imagery lulls users into a specific atmosphere. From here, users can descend into the collection, moving through a fluid and unified shopping space.

Once a user has entered a catalog, they can scroll from top to bottom, while various photos, text blurbs and illustrations ebb and flow according to the user’s mouse. This highly textured and expertly responsive experience masquerades as a simple scroll, but in truth actually simulates a thematic and even physical space.

This is truly the power of this site’s design; how visual elements, aesthetic unity and fluid mechanics create an experience detailed enough to actually simulate a boutique space for users to shop within. This experience synergizes well with the impetus of the site since the only way to truly assess a piece of furniture is to see it spatially and in unity with other pieces and styles.

To tie the entire experience up with a nice bow, each scrolling catalog concludes with a slider where users can download the collection. This is an example of how you can use an interactive web experience to influence sales and profit.

By sending users through an experiential gauntlet, you can more easily influence their decisions to buy. Users have now witnessed first-hand the value and appeal of the product, all that’s left is to point them in the direction where they can buy.

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Style Novels Catalog Page

The Website's Animations Lead Users On A Journey To Decor Bliss

This entire website is an experience. It leads users on an adventure through different styles of furniture that are embodied in different themes — an aquatic theme, a garden theme and a visually-driven “eyes” theme.

The site opens up with a circle at the forefront with three menu options to choose from that lead you down each path. And when you click, a story unfolds with moving images, captivating audio and a scenario that leads you down the page.

There are plenty of animations embedded throughout the design — from the birds that fly across the homepage to the auto-playing videos that dance when you click on the theme.

Similarly, each page infuses subtle scrolling effects that aid in grabbing attention. Images slide into view and soothing background animations soothe the user as they scroll along the page. And they add an excitement that keeps them interested.

These animations bring the page to life and add a breath of fresh air to furniture shopping. There’s still a luxury and a sophistication to the design and to the brand, but these creative effects add an enthusiasm that really creates an entire experience that users can immerse themselves in.

Style Novels Engaging Website Design

An Unorthodox Web Design Layout Puts These Furniture Products On Display In A Creative And Captivating Way

There are a lot of exhilarating elements in this website. Right from this start, this furniture site dazzles in a way that is hard to describe. It doesn’t look like a site dedicated to furniture, but when the furniture does come into view you can’t look away.

But this is an e-commerce extension. This site shows users the varying furniture offerings they have and show them in a cohesive theme that makes it easier for the consumer to see these pieces in their own home.

These aren’t traditional product pages, as this isn’t a traditional e-commerce site. It’s a catalog, and this furniture is put on display much like it would be in any other catalog — only better.

As each themed page unfolds, you can scroll and see photographs with specific pieces scattered throughout creating a very cohesive scene. And the addition of simple, elegant bars leads you down the page to the individual pieces in the picture.

This lets you see the pieces both on their own and staged. And they’re matched with clever illustrations to really emphasize their importance and their luxurious beauty.

Each section is created in this same, unorthodox pattern. There really is no rhyme or reason to it — no geometric or linear organization. It’s very fluid and fun and bombastic. And that makes it even more fun for people to scroll through and engage, ultimately downloading the content at the end.

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Style Novels Creative Website Design

Minimal Text Creates An Entirely Visual Experience

The overall aesthetic here is very regal, rich and excellent. It oozes sophistication and class thanks to the many dynamic design elements that help these images and this design overall jump from the screen.

But there’s also a simplicity and a minimalism in the three-page nature of the design, its emphasis on clean, open space and the minimal text that creates a very seamless and intriguing user experience.

There is very little text in this design that makes this experience almost entirely auditory and visual. It’s a story that is unfolding before your eyes and you're just along for the ride. And the text that does exist really does just set the scene like an intro to a good novel.

This website is titled “Style Novels” after all, so it should be dedicated to intriguing, new styles and designs. There’s no point in wasting time adding text that most won’t read anyway.

The minimal nature of this website also streamlines the entire experience, making for a very straightforward and easy-to-follow journey that takes you right to the download CTA.

Style Novels Creative Website Design

What Is Silik -- And How Does It Relate To Style Novels?

Silik is a furniture brand that masterminded the creation of this Style Novels website which shows off the brand’s stunning furniture in an innovate and spectacular way.

This Italian furniture brand is in the business of luxury, class and excellence. It pulls on traditional and classical design influences from some of the greatest artistic minds in history to create stunning works of art.

They create a wide range of furniture, from living room and dining room furniture to bedroom pieces that will tempt and captivate.

This brand sells furniture all across the globe, and its pieces can be found in showrooms the world over.

According to the brand:

Operating in the field of classic furniture since 1961, Silik has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. It draws from the splendors of times gone by, bringing them back to life in modern interior design projects for atmospheres of unrivaled glamour, thanks to the skilful ability of the most expert craftsmen. The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming atmospheres in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and evident in the precious traditional craft skills. Those skills go hand in hand with the most advanced production technology.

The brand has its own, main website where these pieces are on display. But the team also created a captivating platform to show off specific furniture pieces that correlate to a specific theme.

This Style Novels site works as an online, downloadable catalog that gives users direct access to specific furniture and shows them real-life situations where this furniture sits.

And the design captivates from the second you land on the page until the second you download one of these catalogs.

Style Novels Bold Website Design

How This Visually Stunning Website Sells

The Style Novels site is an innovative experience that changes the way you look at furniture. It’s a site that encourages people to download the Silik furniture catalog and hopefully buy this luxury furniture.

The team decided to go with an entirely separate design to show off new styles. And it captivates on impact.

The creative layout, minimal aesthetic, bold imagery and tantalizing animations really help this design jump off of the screen and excite you, immersing you immediately into this out-of-this-world experience.

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