Digital Nomad Book Colorful Homepage

This AND CO website advertises the novel, “Anywhere,” which is a creative, informational guide that teaches new digital freelancers how best to empower themselves in any particular digital marketplace. The book focuses on the idea of the “digital nomad,” a term used to describe the freedom and rugged individualism representative of the modern internet freelancer. This gives the book a personal, fun, playful, and optimistic tone that’s reflected in the design of the site.

For example, on the home page, bright pops of color and hopeful blurbs of text communicate the sense of playful possibility rampant throughout the book. The book itself is shown, leaning slightly on one corner, giving it a quirky and fun connotation. The page effectively creates a UI that speaks to the heart of the book, and it begins the process of endearing users to this particularly playful perspective. Discover the best logo designs done by freelancers.

Digital Nomad Book Colorful Website Design

Below the home page, users scroll through a variety of differently formatted, individually designed pages that tell users a little more about the book, while maintaining a visual selection that provides equally important information. This page, for example, explores what users can expect to learn by reading the book. It breaks the information down into eight interactive panels that are complemented by a highly graphic, wacky backdrop. By formatting the content in a slightly more engaging, responsive, and consumable way, the designer is maintaining the dynamism of the experience and the interest of the user.

Digital Nomad Book Clean Website Design

The final page takes a more straightforward, product-based look at the book than the previous page, but it continues to develop some of the same values. By once again reformatting the look of the site’s content, the designer is reigniting viewers’ passion for the content. Users don’t grow stale on some redundant design scheme or informational layout. Whether it’s more straightforward like this or more graphic like the previous page, by constantly reinvigorating the style of the site, the designer is constructing an ever-evolving and impressively effective UX for everyone who visits the website.

Digital Nomad Book is a colorful website design in the Education industries.