Natural History Museum Great Homepage

President Harry S. Truman once said, “There’s nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” The Australian Natural History Museum's goal is to bring history to the masses with its artifacts and ancient collections. The web design intertwines history with the internet, allowing visitors to explore the past with just only their fingertips.

When it comes to using visual and minimal conceptualization, the Natural History Museum’s website is a fierce, online competitor. Their home page features magnificent, high-resolution photography and serif typeface that encourage users to continue exploring the site. The vivid images appear in black and white, but when a user moves the cursor over a panel, its natural color will suddenly appear.

Natural History Museum Top Website Design

Each page uses an interactive map that utilizes UI applications to entice viewers to explore the site. The round map buttons bring users to a different page that correlates with the image. For example, the buttons in the above screenshot allow users to explore Hintze Hall, a specific section of the Australian Natural History Museum.

The astounding, featured photography uses a high pixel count and bright lighting to illuminate the page's exhibit. On the top right corner, a hamburger menu allows users to choose from other exhibits to explore, simplifying the site’s navigation.

Natural History Museum Great About Page

Each of the museum’s featured exhibits has its own “About” page. They use a parallax scroll and rely on high-quality photographs and minimal content to spark the user’s interest. Each page is inviting, which intensifies the UX and the user interface.

The Australian Natural History Museum is a world-renowned must-see, with its exotic exhibits and rich outline of global history. Their web design is revolutionary because of its playful exploration and use of vivid photography. The museum’s website is an example of how transformative institutions, like their own, should take advantage of the age of technology.

Natural History Museum is a top website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.