Ice & Sky Amazing Website Design

Everyone is worried about saving the planet nowadays. We all know we should recycle, use fabric bags and eat less beef. But do we know where or how it all started?

This website tells you the Antarctic ice studies' findings of Claude Lorius, the first scientist to prove the impact of human activity on our climate. Hit the "Discover" call to action and start your journey, divided in chapters, complete with text and beautiful animated illustrations introducing the following episode.

It's up to you whether you scroll through the content or go straight to the desired part, but either way, check the menu and see the nice scrollable tab navigation used to introduce all the chapters, which are filled with video footage of the author explaining how he came to understand what was actually happening, photography, and textual information, all complete with related content and share buttons. These documents are also accessible on click of the "Download" call to action on the footer if you want to save them on your computer.

Such a complex website, with so much content, could become a UX nightmare, but it's exactly the opposite: everything has it's place and fits perfectly in a "scroll less layout".

Ice & Sky is an amazing website design in the Education industry.