Stanford D-School Clean Homepage

Structure your personalized design school education at Stanford! Stanford D-School is a website designed to showcase the educational department of design at Stanford University. Opening with a wide, white negative space that incorporates the school’s designated red coloring, the home page innovatively hooks users with a subtle and intriguing animation effect.

When users move their mouse over the red lines on the page, waves are created that the user has complete control over. It is a fun and engaging testament to what the school is able to teach its students.

Users are also given access to a simple header menu. Sitting against the white negative space, the header menu utilizes a black, common sans serif font in a small size to list the page titles. To make the tracking process easy, page titles employ a strikethrough effect when they are being viewed.

Stanford D-School Clean About Page

To learn about how Stanford D-School can benefit their education, users can follow the header menu to the website’s “About” page or their “Stanford Students” page. Utilizing an orange color for the bold heading, the page once again makes use of the wave animation found on the landing page. The effect adds depth and intrigue, keeping the eyes of the user on the header.

Within the header of the page, the website offers a secondary menu that lists out the segments of the “About” page for easy navigation. Nestled on the right side of the screen, a high-resolution photograph depicts a number of students within the program, adding an element of humanism to the website.

Stanford D-School Clean Menu Design

Stanford D-School employs an extensive footer menu settled into a pale gray negative space to make the black sans serif font stand out. The menu creates a number of evenly spaced columns to list different segments of the website users can explore. Page titles and areas are underlined, indicating that each one is a hyperlink. The spacing and complementary color scheme within the footer create a dynamic combination for organized, easy reading.

For users ready to change their life, they can dive in and explore the highly creative platform of Stanford D-School. Each part of the website is a testament to the design skills students learn, creating an intrigue like no other.

Stanford D-School is a clean website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Education industries.