Viva Le Velo Gorgeous Homepage

Viva Le Velo is an interactive website that guides users through critical moments in the history of cycling. The intention of the site is to build greater awareness and appreciation for the sport, while also engaging users in the fascinating history of the storied activity. The home page is minimal and strongly graphic, indicating in no straightforward way that the site is about cycling. Still, the playful illustrated graphics and light color scheme evoke an undeniable sense of fun and play. This helps to construct just the right frame of mind for users as they descend into the activity. The exercise is engaging and playful, so having a home page that establishes these ideas is extremely valuable to the UX of Viva Le Velo’s site.


Viva Le Velo Gorgeous Website Design

Here, users see the body of the site. Viewers can scroll left and right on the timeline through various dates in cycling history, uncovering more and more about the sport’s dense, appealing past. What’s more, the experience is represented through illustrations of famous bikes. For each new date users transition to, an image of a new bike occupies the frame. Most interestingly, though, is that each bike is a representation of the real bike used by the cyclist, which is the true subject of each represented, historical moment. This creates a dense sense of cycling culture, and it immerses users even further into the play and joy of the site.

Viva Le Velo Gorgeous Timeline Design

To provide the fullest experience possible, the designer has also implemented this bump-out menu that provides more detailed and direct information about each important date in cycling history. The menu comes with a variety of social media sharing icons, allowing users to share a particular moment and expand the reach of their personal experience. This menu is an excellent extension of the playfulness of the site, granting users the ability to express themselves by its content. Viva Le Velo’s website designer clearly understands how to create pure fun from colorful design, and they have demonstrated this skill across the site.

Viva Le Velo is a gorgeous website design in the Education industry.