Ink+Volt Minimal Homepage

It’s all started with a quest for the perfect notebook. Hoping to combine the function of a life planner into the sleek design of a basic modern notebook, Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder, embarked on a journey to build the perfect notebook herself in the fall of 2014. Ink + Volt has now become a passionate community of people enthusiastic about productivity, goals, and success. 

This website is full of the personal impact of the founder, Kate. Her love for the notebooks is well-addressed by each product detail page. Her philosophy “Ink and Volt is a community” is well-crafted and actualized by its content arrangement and presentation on these subpages — “Blog,” “Guides,” and “Testimonials.”

Ink+Volt Minimal Website Design

Regarding the design for product detail page, the light grayish background produces the calming effect. The neutral color palette showcases the essence of the product well. The majority of description by serif typeface creates the classic aura, while a few sans serif fonts -- used for titles -- blends in more modernity. The product specs are also laid out nicely, and “You May Also Like” section creates more buying incentive.

However, what really distinguishes this product detail page from the usual approach is the feature “WHY WE LOVE IT”, which is based on the fundamental love and “share” concept from the founder. This additional section is presented strikingly, and the message and the rotating imagery gallery has actually powered up the beauty and the usage of the product.

Ink+Volt Minimal Blog Page

The subpages -- “Blog,” “Guides,” and “Testimonials” -- and the detail page for them are other focus and the great achievement of the website. The founder poured a lot of time and thought into the contents, and the designer created a unique visual treatment to honor her efforts. That being said, “Sharing is Caring.” In the digital culture, these turn out to be a very powerful marketing tool.

All in all, this is not just an e-commerce site built to sell the products online -- the core of it is to build a community that shares lives, ideas, and dreams. And the result is incredible. Yet, the shopping functionality is not overlooked, it indeed well-designed. In addition to the “SHOP” page, the standalone shop button (placed next to menu icon) with the dropdown mega menu when mouse over is great; plus, the site is fully responsive.

Ink+Volt is a minimal website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry.