Filema Rodion Amazing Homepage

We hope you ate before reading this because these images are going to make your mouth water. Filema Rodion makes authentic Greek treats with organic ingredients. To match the ingredients that go into their products, Filema Rodion has used a simple design with minimalist illustrations.

The colors aren’t overwhelming. Instead, Filema Rodion uses product photos and animated illustrations to attract your eye. The typography is a simple, bold, black text. Each rotating image has a different slogan. The slogans are never longer than a few words in order for visitors to easily take in the information and move onto the next part of the website.

Filema Rodion Amazing Website Design

Scrolling down, it’s clear what product feature the company wants you to take notice of. The large typography of “Organic” stands out on the website. If you’re quickly scrolling, it makes you stop and take a moment to read the rest of the page. The black and white image is simple and fits with the simple, organic ingredients in the products.

Filema Rodion Amazing Product Page

Some areas of the website feature animated illustrations. In the above example, the bees move around as if they are flying about the bee houses. The bright colors and simple illustrations are fun. Most importantly, they fit with the overall theme and the products on the website. The animated bees help reinforce that Filema Rodion uses natural, organic ingredients to make their products.

The mouth-watering product photos, colorful web pages, and simple animations all help to create the brand that Filema Rodion wants to build in the mind of their visitors. A website for a simple, traditional, and organic products doesn’t have to be overly complicated but it can still be fun.

Filema Rodion is an amazing website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing industries.