Lundhs Real Stone Elegant Homepage

Lundhs Real Stone is a site meant to promote the use and resultant purchase of natural stone counter tops. The site is hardwired around salesmanship and product listings, streamlining the UX to maximize consumer turnover and brand awareness. This page sets the tone for this, by affecting the image of a home goods magazine.

This visual styling including font, paneling, and image choice creates a mood of shopping, informing, and browsing. It evokes a theoretical home and lifestyle that one is supposed to imagine they could have simply by purchasing some natural stone countertops. This page, with its magazine-like visual milieu tells users to fantasize, then gives them the ability to do something about it.

Lundhs Real Stone Elegant Website Design

This product description page is the aforementioned “doing something about it”. Here users can get information about a variety of stones, in an almost unnecessarily comprehensive way. The product descriptions, accessed only by clicking the image above, include information about the look, implementation, and even science behind a particular kind of stone. Users learn everything they could possibly want to know about a block of rock, so that they can in turn make the most informed decision possible. Yet, despite this wealth of dense information, the designer still maintains a simple and aesthetically pleasing look without dropping the ball even slightly.

Lundhs Real Stone Elegant Contact Page

This store locator tool, embedded into the fabric of the site, allows users to find real locations to actualize their recently created fantasy. This completes the full dream to realization process that’s been in effect from the very beginning of the site. Users have had a dream kitchen, home, and lifestyle introduced to them on the first page. Then they were informed on how best they could achieve this dream. And now they’re being pointed in the direction they need to go to finally realize it all. This demonstrates how tiered UX can manipulate users into the most effective sales narratives possible.

Lundhs Real Stone is a top website design in the Luxury and Professional Services industries.