Sagmeister & Walsh Awesome Website Design

Indulge in something different as a way to bring a new kind of awareness to your brand. Indulge in Sagmeister & Walsh, a design firm dedicated to catering to your needs and making you stand apart from the competition.

Ready to get to know Sagmeister & Walsh? Head straight to their home page and just stay there for a while. Setting the precedence for doing things differently, you’re treated to a live feed of their office in New York as the very first thing you see when you enter their website.

The stationary camera allows you to watch the employees as they work, see how they interact, and more. Come back throughout the day to see how the dynamic changes. It gives you a true insight to the way Sagmeister & Walsh functions. It also helps you to feel as if you’re right in the middle of all the action, watching magic come to life right in front of you.

Catch a glance outside the big glass window and you’ll find a surprise there waiting for you. The banners hanging against the woodwork on the windows are actually a part of the site’s menu! Each one coordinates with a different section of the website right from its spot inside the office. It’s a unique way to incorporate a necessary site function into the unique introduction while speaking volumes for the way that Sagmeister & Walsh thinks.

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Sagmeister & Walsh Awesome Gallery

Invest in something unique to Sagmeister & Walsh’s design capabilities by heading to the company’s store front. The dark page comes to life with item after item beautifully depicted in vivid colors.

There’s just enough space around each product photograph to make sure you can tell it from the next while making sure the company can put as many images as possible on the page. The variety in each product in combination with no real presentation pattern makes for the feeling that a little bit of everything is coming at you. It’s fun and quirky, drawing you in immediately.

Sagmeister & Walsh works hard to think outside the box. The surprisingly inclusive live video feed that users see when they enter the company website is a testament to the way they do things differently. Vivid images against a dark backdrop throughout the site help their unique mindset jump off the page at users, drawing them in and enticing them with the shock value combination.

Sagmeister & Walsh is an awesome website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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