Maison Éclat Website Design

Standout features:

  • Interesting main menu effect
  • Bold use of unconventional colors
  • Thoughtfully executed product pages

Caspar Eberhard’s website design for Maison Éclat, champagne connoisseur website and eShop, takes a radically different approach compared to all the previous entries on this list.

Instead of soothing and restrained tones, a very vivid, electric green comes charging from the get-go, acting as a frame for the opening (somewhat arty) image.

The main menu is again divided into a left and a right half with the brand logo at the center. Hovering over one menu item opens a drop-down submenu with an interesting effect – the colors/light of the rest of the sight go dim.

As the user scrolls down, the website goes from green to white and the main menu also turns into its inverse/negative version. The product pages focus on high-res photos of the champagne bottle, its name and its price all on a single screen.

Once the user scrolls, more valuable product information is located on the left, while the Add to Cart button occupies the right hand of the screen. A bevvy of similar products is located at the very bottom, so as not to distract the shopper from their journey towards conversion.

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