Malecopywriter Fullscreen Video

The Male Copywriter is a hysterical approach to an online portfolio. Copywriter Lawson Clarke shines his personality through the design, which makes this web format a winner.

When a user visits the website, a fullscreen pop up displays a video. Visitors will enjoy a one-two minute clip that documents Clarke's satirical humor, beginning with him horseback riding partially naked. As the video is playing, users may notice two small call to action buttons on the bottom right corner. The tabs can hardly be seen, which makes the opening an ingenious approach to the UI and UX.

Malecopywriter Creative Homepage

After the intro video finishes, the home page appears. It features a nude Lawson Clarke, laying on a bear rug and covering his private parts with a vintage TV. The title of the page uses parallax-inspired imagery, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional object in a two-dimensional space.

The mixed hues of orange, yellow, and red give the home page a 70s, nostalgic feel. Its minimalist approach and its use of only one call to action enhances the user experience, raising viewers’ curiosity about the man in the picture.

Malecopywriter Creative Website Design

Male Copywriter uses deep scroll effects and a simple design. Clarke keeps things short and to the point. He uses a unique typeface for his title and a basic sans serif for the content. The bold, red background makes the white and orange lettering pop on the page. The textual content is quirky, and it speaks to the subject’s humorous personality. Clarke’s “About” page is an attention-grabber that illustrates Clarke’s point on why copywriters exist.

Malecopywriter Creative Portfolio Page

The entire website is an out-of-the box, online resume. Clarke uses a gallery-style format to display his portfolio. Most of his works are high-quality videos, which he either directed or created content for. The noninvasive format juxtaposes well against the red backdrop.

Lawson Clarke’s website is fresh and innovative. He fuses satirical humor with his web design, making him stand out from his competitors. This ingenious move speaks to his creativity and his experience.

Malecopywriter is a creative website design in the Professional Services industry.