Trainrobber Creative Homepage

Trainrobber is a virtual reality agency that produces groundbreaking immersive experiences for brands. They claim to be the world’s most daring and dangerous virtual reality storytellers, banded together to create experiences that lie between impossible and beautiful on behalf of brands seeking to steal attention. 

The market of VR & AR is super hot. Though a part of this contemporary and innovative industry, Trainrobber went in an opposite direction, and branded their image with something old-fashioned. They embrace Western style in the name and logo. The grainy film texture, the decorative typography style in titles and the typefaces are all chosen to create this vintage vibe. There are many new design trends and styles that are popping up constantly, but vintage and retro designs have always been in style. It’s amazing how an ‘old style’ still captures our attention. The retro style adds a dynamic, functional, cozy, fun and even modern feel to the website. Trainrobber’s visual approach makes the brand stand out from the rest.

Trainrobber Creative Website Design

To prove more “dare to differ” characteristics, Trainrobber made a connection with their industry with the video background on the Homepage. The applied the concept of 360° video, which is an immersive experience, using pre-filmed real-world content as the central media. Trainrobber then allows users to interact with that world through the flowing inward and outward linkings. The visual language is relatable yet creative. The interactivity creates more excitement, curiosity, and user engagement. The aspect of user-friendly functionality is also noticeable. The sided menu icon brings out a list view of the contents or sub-navigations, which would be changed and suited under different categories.


Trainrobber Creative Projects Page

It is easy to see that Trainrobber is typography advocate. On  “Project” landing page, the dynamic effect on the first letter from each project as the representative is interesting. The idea is also carried over to the detail page, then uses multimedia to showcase the results and stats to prove the facts. 

Trainrobber is a creative website design in the Advertising and Technology industries.