Black Pearl Farms Great Homepage

Creating a deliciously natural product while making sure to protect the environment at the same time is the goal of Black Pearl Farms.

With a focus on blueberry farming, Black Pearl Farms heads in a simplistic direction with their site by condensing everything you need to know into a single page.

The key to a successful one-page site is the presentation. The company does a great job at dividing the page into easily discernible segments. Sharp photographs are combined with dynamic illustrations to create text boxes for information to be written on.

Borders between each image are made very clear so you’re aware of the transition as it happens, keeping the site from becoming muddled with too much too quickly.

As you move through images, you’re greeted by an array of colors from black to blue, red to brown, and so many more.

The eclectic combination keeps the site alive and energetic as you move down. The use of color evokes feelings from nostalgia for an old wooded trail to intrigue over the number of blueberries you can fit into a single screenshot. While the choice to combine so many different backdrop designs into one is unique, it’s effective in changing the entire experience to a visually fun one.

Accompanying the choice of a different image for each section, Black Pearl Farms takes it a step further by changing up the textual design used for each segment.

The font coloring flips halfway down the page from black to white, including the addition of a secondary font. You’re able to truly get a feel for how much each segment stands independent from the others. 

Even with a single page site, Black Pearl Farms works to make your life easy by adding a menu at the top of the page. The black bar scrolls with you, using a sheer color design to keep you from losing full sight of the images and words on the main screen. The capital letters allow you to read each segment of the page quickly as you decide where you want to look!

Black Pearl Farms wants your attention to go to their product: Some of the best blueberries you’ll ever taste. The website design builds and entices your curiosity about their food quickly through a creative combination of experimental imagery and eye-catching font. You get a real sense of the organic product without the clutter of heavy site.

Black Pearl Farms is a great website design in the Agriculture and Professional Services industries.

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