Panike Great Homepage

Panike is an international gourmet baked goods corporation that’s very recently gone through a wholesale rebranding process. They want to evoke the image of themselves as a global influence, a source of benevolence, and an arbiter of change. Panike wants to emulate the merits of the rebranding process into their new brand itself. This home page very subtly accomplishes just that.

The phrase, “What’s your Panike moment?” evokes a sense of discovery and subsequent improvement. The man you see above, holding a Panike baked good, is meant to seem as if he’s about to be thrust into the throws of rebirth at the benevolent hands of a Panike pastry. His days are busy and his energy declines, but a Panike pastry can turn him back into the hard nosed professional he’s meant to be. Panike is trying to establish themselves as life-changing and mind-altering. By synergizing both the text and image on this page, to this end, they’ve been incredibly successful

Panike Great Product Page

This menu preview screen continues the same efforts, now by focusing on more mechanical factors. The above pastries hover slightly, and slowly disappear to the right, only to be immediately replaced by something new. It’s a rotating selection of options meant to show users that there’s something for everyone. This sliding feature makes Panike seem like they’re on the consumer’s side. They oscillate the selection so that users can find the pastry that best suits them. A discovery only made possible by the ever-rotating trolley of pastries designed by Panicke. This mechanic evokes a sense of helpfulness, personalization, and humanism. Panicke wants to give people what they want, when they want it. So, they’ve design a menu scheme that does this perfectly.

Panike Great Website Design

This interactive map, which shows the world’s various Panike locations, allows users to find and engage with a Panike nearest them. It’s this scoping effect that reinforces Panike’s brand image as a source of good. We move from global to local, allowing users to find a Panike nearby while also leaving them with the impression that they’re dealing with a major brand. It makes this otherwise faceless corporation feel more local as users find their neighborhood Panike. This map perfectly encapsulates how Panike uses web design and UX mechanics to assert themselves as a global power for good.

Panike is a great website design in the Food & Beverage industry.