BLK Water Beautiful Homepage

The bottled water market is nearly saturated with brands chock full of customer loyalty, which can make it tough for new companies to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, the product design and online presence needs to grab people's attention. Since most consumers are used to white, blue, and transparent water bottles, BLK water decided to do something completely different: Create black water.

The main navigation has only four links that provide users with access to buy the product and learn more about it. The circled navigation on the right side of the screen also guides users to various areas of the website while providing a landmark of where they are on the page.

BLK Water Beautiful About Page

The website has a distinct look, which plays up the use of black and white with bold typography. The bottle has a unique animatin as the user scrolls, and appears different in every section. The imagery and effects for each section reflect the content, making it easier to digest the information and understand the benefits of BLK water.

BLK Water Beautiful Product Page

The "Shop" page is very strong and combines unique product photography with lifestyle images. The page could be even more effective by moving the three main products higher up on the page and providing a notification when a product is added to a user's cart -- currently, the only way to see if an item is added to a cart is to look at the number at the top right of the page. A small notification following an "Add to Basket" button click within the user's line of sight would make this information even more distinct.

BLK Water Beautiful FAQ Page

The frequently asked questions section is simple, clear, and provides easy-to-digest information. Overall, this is a unique and beautiful e-commerce site that could see plenty of shares from consumers.

BLK Water is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.