Proud Punch Creative Homepage

Proud & Punch's website is totally tailored to its products. The colorful illustrations from the package design reoccur within the web design, making it unique, colorful, lively, and consistent. 

Products are essential to this site, and as the result, users can click anywhere to explore the products in a straightforward manner. Proud & Punch's navigation exceeds design norms with its positioning, keeping it playful and experimental. A different section of the site is linked in all four corners of the homepage. While this may initially confuse users, the unique layout coupled with the rest of the website's simplicity draws them in quickly. 

Proud Punch Creative Product Page

When users click the “Menu” button, they can view the product landing page by clicking the arrows anywhere and everywhere on the homepage. All products are color-coded and have custom illustration to show the unique ingredients. The “More Info” button takes visitors to product detail page. In addition, the design is impressively responsive, which keeps the entire web experience is lighthearted and interesting.

Proud Punch Creative Website Design

When users click on the "Menu" button, they are taken to a pproduct listing page which displays all frozen yogurt and juice pops. This are showcased in a brightly illustrated line, which also depicts all ingredients.

Clicking on one of the products takes users to the product details page, which is split down the middle. One the left side, users see the product moving slightly on top of a colorful background. Meanwhile, the right side shows all ingredients and nutrition information within neat tables.

Proud Punch Creative Website Design

It's easy to see the hierarchy of the navigation. The logo -- which doubles as the home button -- and the “Menu” button are more significant than “About” and “Social,” which indicates that the products are the main focus of the site.

Pround Punch is a creative website design in the Food & Beverage industry.