StoneCycling Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Realistic video and image landscapes
  • Colorful product previews
  • Geometric content blocks

StoneCycling is the go-to brand for consumers and companies looking for sustainable building materials.

Its website, designed by Upside, is colorful and visually satisfying. It also showcases the products nicely, which is a MUST for every business website to get more conversions and return visitors!

Instead of integrating a colorful aesthetic into the site’s visual elements, they let the products’ actual colors do the talking. The page background comes in light and neutral shades so as not to clash with the building materials’ deep, vibrant colorways.

The realistic HD images and videos of landscapes, buildings, and skyscrapers also added an extra aesthetic value to the website. The geometric-cut content blocks also fit the design; they look sharp, industrial, and modern.

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