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Edgewise is a Philadelphia-based real estate agency that connects buyers and builders in the major cities nationwide.

The agency’s website gives users insights into available units, accompanying documents and estimated home delivery dates.

Users can also see the accommodation plans, track the home development process, reserve their future residence and even personalize their interior.

Its web design lets home seekers easily navigate through pages, browse projects and pick the accommodation from their dreams in 23 cities including Miami, New York and Boston.

The brand puts focus on customer experience and they show it through the use of white space, typography, clean website design structure and well-organized layout.

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real estate web page design

Edgewise Combines Typography And Color To Reinforce Branding And Engage Visitors 

The simplicity of product pages is offset by font and color use that commands attention.

Bold and light fonts in white, black, blue and brown are simple and contribute to the clean look and feel. At the same time, this play with color disrupts the monotony minimalism can sometimes slip into.

Another element to note are the bold and capitalized calls-to-actions (CTAs) that are short, concise and perfectly placed to make the users take the desired steps.

Minimalist web design: usage of white space

White Space Keeps The Visitors’ Focus On Key Messages 

In their real estate web page design, Edgewise uses micro and macro negative space effectively.

The clean layout makes readers focus on the offering.

It contributes to a cleaner and professional look that stands out and offers a visual relief.

The website shows that less can be more, and by focusing on simplicity and only including key elements, it provides its visitors with value.

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responsive real estate website design

The Clean And Organized Layout Streamlines The Conversion Funnel

The overall structure of the website relies on clean content and simple elements to make users successfully move from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel.

The Homepage clearly provides the benefits that visitors will enjoy by using the company’s services and there is a FAQ section that answers some of the users' potential questions.

The usage of short and clean CTAs contributes to converting the users by gently reminding and encouraging them to take action.

real estate web design - motion elements

The Website Uses Animation Sparingly To Highlight Important Information 

Edgewise shows that they understand their users’ needs well by paying special attention to the location of homes.

They’ve incorporated motion effects to highlight the rating score (0-100) of walking, transiting and biking based on the position of the residential buildings.

This smart use of animation highlights the unique and valuable information that not many of their competitors have tapped into.

minimalist website design - Edgewise website

The High-Quality Images Support The Website’s Selling Strategy

Edgewise used high-quality photography strategically, showcasing the amenities their target audience can visualize their daily lives in.

Their aim is to stun their visitors and increase their desire for renting or buying their combo.

The usage of symmetrically positioned photography only contributes to the luxurious look and gives the design an elegant feel.

The brand also strengthens its real estate web design strategy by optimizing their images for search so that they can rank better.

clean website design

The Search Functionalities Contribute To A Smoother User Experience 

Edgewise website helps users navigate their inventory via search bars. These allow the visitors to adjust their search by choosing city, minimal and maximal price as well as for rent, for sale and move-in-ready options.

The search functionality is simple, easy to use and perfectly placed above the presented homes allowing the potential customers to fine-tune their hunt for the ideal residence.

These small but practical functionalities contribute to a smoother user experience.

On each apartment building landing page, there are maps that show the location of these homes and allow users to refine their search for potential homes or investments.

real estate website design contact form

The Simple Contact Forms Make Requesting Additional Information Easy

Edgewise simplifies the inquiry process. Their site keeps the contact button prominent, simple and relevant to the property, so the user can get in touch with the seller directly.

The limited number of required personal details makes the contact real estate web page design user friendly.

real estate web design: Yelp reviews

The Integrated Yelp Reviews Allow Users To Image Their Lives In Vibrant Communities 

In Edgewise’s real estate web design there is an integration of Yelp reviews of several nearby restaurants, bars and cafes.

On the one hand, these provide potential buyers with more context on the environment they'd buy into.

And, on the other hand, they give a sense of reassurance that the community has everything they need to build a fun and cozy life.

What's more, for investors, this is indicative of the long-term value of a place because they particularly gain interest in popular locations that promise growth.

Thereby, by including these reviews, Edgewise increases the attractiveness and the value of the accommodation buildings for both buyers and investors.

responsive real estate website design

The Responsive Design Caters To The Growing Mobile User Base

Edgewise’s responsive real estate website design contributes to faster pages, better SEO as well as improved online and offline browsing experience.

The fact that the website seamlessly works on different devices lets users quickly access it and easily use it.

This allows them to stick longer around which ultimately results in lower bounce rates, better search engine rankings and higher conversion rates.

Edgewise is an example of elegant and minimalist web design in the real estate and architecture industries.

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