The Life You Can Save Website Design

Standout Features

  • Balanced use of whitespace
  • An “Impact calculator”
  • Strategically distributed CTAs

Are you planning to build a directory of non-profit organizations? If so, you can take design notes from Bilberrry. The Life You Can Save is a website affiliated with dozens of charities, covering many different sectors. As such, it is prone to having a messy interface, but that’s not the case here.

The agency executed this design flawlessly by utilizing whitespace and making it work in their favor.

On the homepage, you will notice that there is just enough negative space between the blocks and headers. This helps shift the visitors’ focus into a specific section and not lose their way in the navigation.

Another impressive element in this non-profit website design is the use of an “impact calculator.” Donors can simply indicate the amount they can donate and their chosen charity. They will then see exactly what their donation can do and how much impact every single penny has.

Lastly, what better way to attract donors than highlighting the CTAs? Multiple Donate buttons are placed strategically on different sections of the page to make giving much easier.

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