Tubelectric Awesome Homepage

Tubelectric is a PVC pipe provider and installer who offers comprehensive services to each of their clients. They focus on executing unique layouts and approaches that work best for each exclusive project. To emphasize this flexibility and customization, Tubelectric has created an animated home page that evokes a sense of technical mastery and powerful augmentation.

The pipes depicted above continually oscillate, detach, and link together, creating a sense of work, mastery, and customization. Additionally, when the pipes separate, several vector animations appear, reminiscent of a blueprint. This vectoring, combined with the blue backdrop, really emphasizes the blueprint effect. The animation and the blueprint UI create a full sense of the hardworking craftsmanship Tubelectric brings to every project. The designer has created a UX that encapsulates what the company is about in a dynamic and engaging way.

Tubelectric Awesome Menu Design

This image of customization and crafted construction continues on Tubelectric’s slide-out menu page. Here, users can access a variety of areas within the site. What's more, the blueprint aesthetic of the page is further expanded here. The thin straight lines that run the length of the menu further evoke the image of personalized design. By extending the aesthetic, the designer has further immersed users in the company’s brand.

Tubelectric Awesome Website Design

Tubelectric’s product page takes yet another approach at the blueprint theme. The same vertical lines run from top to bottom, and the overall color scheme is, of course, blue. Now, several textual overlays occupy the page, along with images of the company's products. These are the elements users can purchase for their projects. By extending the aesthetic of the site further, the designer has fully branded both the company and their products as personalized and crafted.

Tubelectric is an awesome website design in the Manufacturing industry.