Victoria Roggio Beauty Website Design

Victoria Roggio’s Website Carries the Brand’s Renowned Minimal Design Aesthetics Online

Victoria Roggio is one of the most sought-after luxury bridal make-up artists in recent years and the founder of the newest clean beauty boutique in Philadelphia, Victoria Roggio Beauty. After nearly a decade-long industry experience, she has made a name for herself as a go-to professional on the matters of clean beauty.

With a strong belief that the key to genuine beauty is not applying tons of make-up, but using the proper, natural techniques and taking care of one's skin beforehand, Victoria decided to trounce the outdated conventions and bring her illustrious practice to the online environment as well.

Enter Webdesk Solution!

Since the brand speaks to a progressive, millennial audience (evident from the product offering alone), the agency crafted a design that speaks directly to this demographic. It comprises a vast amount of negative space, bold product images and minimal yet poignant messaging. It’s a stunning visual design that screams modernity and authenticity. With flying colors, we might add!

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Simplicity and minimalism

Victoria Roggio Beauty Website Design Is Bright, Alluring and Modern

Simply put, Victoria Roggio Beauty website is sharp, seamless and intuitive. It matches the beauty and elegance of the brand’s delicate offering. Webdesk’s design team made great use of high-res photographs and product shots to make the site more appealing and put said products on showcase.

Dedicated product pages are well organized, with bright white space that adds an airiness to the overall design. Typography is kept to a bare minimum, with concise phrasings and single-word descriptions focusing on the products and the skin concerns.

The color scheme, if we even consider its existence, is a mix of subdued tan pastels that are present to accentuate the products and not draw attention beyond that. The result is a cool, clean and relaxed environment that really grabs the personality of the audience this brand aims to attract.

It is 100% a minimalistic design, a creative and appealing showcase but an overall one-stop-shop that you’ll love returning to.

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Clean and "clean"

Victoria Roggio Beauty Website Embodies the Clean Design in More Ways than One

As mentioned above, minimalism is key, and this website promotes that credo elegantly while still holding onto the credibility integrity that makes it trustworthy. Products are displayed, and pages are cleanly oriented, focusing on a simple, streamlined process to get users wherever they want to go with ease.

However, the focus on being “clean” goes beyond the trendy design approach. The website, in fact, reflects the founder’s philosophy – Clean Beauty.

Victoria Roggio emphasizes the message of sustainability and the environment. The products are non-toxic, purposefully created, and produced without harmful ingredients. Clean beauty is a lifestyle, and it is part of our daily routine. The product we choose to consume/use and ultimately how we present ourselves, online or offline.

Sticky navigation menu

Victoria Roggio Beauty Website Design Utilizes Straightforward Menus to Lead Visitors on a Potent Buyer’s Journey

Not only is this site simple regarding its layout, color scheme and imagery, but it is equally candid and streamlined in its menu and navigation systems. The agency improved the user experience by creating a new, sticky navigation menu with beautiful hover-over effects.

It’s bold and straightforward and makes for a streamlined buyer’s journey that takes the stress and the guesswork out of finding the right product that matches your personality, lifestyle or needs.

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