WNDRLND Gorgeous Website Design

WNDRLND is a hair design movement currently traversing the US. The expert stylists at WNDRLND travel around the United States hosting trainings in the most cutting edge styling techniques and products. Their mission? To bring artistry back into hair salons.

Landing on their web page, WNDRLND’s creative impulses are clear. An animation featuring images of models in high fashion hair styles takes center stage against the abundant, white negative space. A large, white W appears superimposed over the images. The W is in WNDRLND’s signature typeface, echoing the logo that appears to the left of the animation at the top of the screen, a strong reinforcement of brand identity.

To the right of the illustration, a minimalist, transparent navigation bar features five buttons that direct the user to other parts of the page. Since the WNDRLND web page is formatted in a single page layout, clicking one of the navigation buttons brings the user further down the page. The single page layout helps to reflect the minimalist design of the web page and neatly organize information.

On this page, images and typeface are the main focal points. Large, boxy titles appearing in black and white dominate the page while enhancing the monochromatic aesthetic. Photographs and videos spotlight WNDRLND in action and show off some of their most creative looks. On the other hand, copy is kept to a minimum, used only to highlight words that drive the brand narrative like “passionate,” “self-expression,” and “innovation.” 

This web page is loaded with links, providing additional information while keeping in line with the minimalist styling of the page. Rather than packing the page full of images, WNDRLND features only a few, allowing them to remain impactful against the negative space. A link to their Flickr page allows users to explore more if interested.

Self-expression is a natural part of being human. WNDRLND has a mission to help people elevate their hairstyle into a means of self-expression. Through the strong, but few, images on their web page and minimalist design, WNDRLAND is perfectly able to utilize their online platform to express who they are as a brand.

WNDRLND is a gorgeous website design in the Arts & Recreation and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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