Wellesley Elegant Homepage

Wellesley is a college dedicated to extending educational opportunities and lifelong career resources to driven, innovative women from around the world. They seek to provide a lasting experience that resonates with every woman who walks onto their campus and, eventually, out into the professional world.

Wellesley’s home page uses an image of a beautiful landscape and direct text to communicate the exact mission of Wellesley and their particular educational brand. The idyllic and pastoral setting of a lake, shrouded by forest, with a noble university building piercing the sky sets a Nirvana-like tone around Wellesley’s campus and the college at large. Users will immediately feel at ease, comfortable, like they’re finally finding home. It’s the kind of place everyone would love to see, and the designer has used this image to draw users into considering the prospect of attending Wellesley. The text is simple and forward, “Wellesley invests in women.” The copy the designer has chosen effectively delivers the intended audience, brand, and value of Wellesley on a silver platter. Users will immediately be enthralled, enraptured, and desperate to learn more.

Wellesley Elegant Website Design

Wellesley continues this strategy of creating aspiration with a simple testimonial slider found in the middle of their site. Here, users can scroll left to right, viewing the variety of powerful women that have attended Wellesley. This not only helps to endorse the prestige of Wellesley, but it also inspires users to aspire to reach the heights that these women did. The testimonial slider doubles as a lineup of success stories for which Wellesley can claim some credit. By including this, the designer has truly created a UX that speaks to users and motivates them to become one of Wellesley’s finest.

Wellesley Elegant Website Design

Lastly, the true intention of the site is expressed at the bottom of the page. The site continually reiterates what they like to call “The Wellesley Effect,” which is the idea that their institution is a continual source of good for women in the world. Users are presented with these two charts that measure the donation goals and actualities of the institution. Just below, a simple interface allows users to make their own donation. When they do, they can watch the charts grow just a little bit, providing a sense of user impact and satisfaction. Here, the designer has successfully channeled all of Wellesley’s goodwill into finance. By establishing the value of Wellesley up front, users will now be more willing to donate than ever.

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