Yates on Yates Professional Homepage

Victoria is one of the most sought-after cities to visit and live in Canada. The apartment complex, Yates on Yates, rests in the heart of the city. The complex’s parallax-inspired web design is an elegant, sleek, and attractive—simplifying the UX and UI interface.

The landing page is a full-screen background image of the rooftop. It manipulates the hues of the sunset with the color schemes of the typography and call-to-action buttons on the page.

Across the landing page are three plus-sign buttons. When users click on a button, a modal window opens with the corresponding context. The top right corner features a hamburger menu that simplifies sitemap navigation.

When users scroll down the page, they’ll come across several subpages. Each subpage uses high-quality images to attract users. The last subpage uses the company’s logo in a split screen format with the left panel having a turquoise call-to-action button that hyperlinks to the corresponding product page.

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Yates on Yates Sleek Product Page

The “product page” allows users interested in renting an apartment an opportunity to cipher through the complex’s floor plans and their availability. It uses a full-screen background image with a large “y,” which separates the image into two panels. On the left is content that juxtaposes against a green, translucent backdrop.

As users scroll down the page, they’ll come across the floor plan subpage. The subpage splits into two panels with a vertical menu on the left that allows users to interact with the subpage. It features a green call-to-action button that gives users an opportunity to download a copy of the floor plan on the right.

Yates on Yates Elegant Contact Page

The “contact us” page offers a crisp, clean look. Its white background and the gray backdrop of the contact form makes the page bright. This approach brings attention to the menu bar at the top and the content in the middle of the page.

The contact form is simple and allows users to interact with the company directly. Its white signature boxes blend well with the color scheme of the backdrop and the call-to-action button at the bottom.

The Yates on Yates web design is elegant and sleek. It gives users an opportunity to explore the complex using vivid images and a bright, welcoming look. The website is well-crafted and allows first-time visitors to experience what they offer on a whole new level.

Yates on Yates is a professional website design in the Real Estate industry.

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