Space List Clean Homepage

From Burnaby to London, the opportunities for international business are extensive in an interconnected world. SpaceList serves more than 1 million to help find commercial office spaces, and their online site provides an interface to offer users a central location for them to search listings at the prices and size they need.

Using a minimal yet colorful digital design, this site ensures users can navigate easily. A large, lightly faded image of a cityscape rests behind functional site features and causes typeface, buttons, and logos to visually emerge with clarity and emphasis.

Fonts are rounded in black and white for a more welcoming and friendly presence on the site, and rectangular boxes with search, chat and login capabilities appear with smoothed edges to complement the site style.

Different shades of blue accented by gray lines are used in text boxes, shape fill colors, and graphics to provide visual diversity and keep user interest.

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Space List Clean Product page

Besides using the search engine button with its custom filters, users can also access more comprehensives lists and pages in the top heading. They can find spaces for lease or offer up their own spaces to other tenants using the platform.

Flashy stylistic elements are kept to a minimum on this page and ensure the site is clean and functional for users. A large interactive map of the world is positioned on the right side of the page with click-and-drag elements, and search bars with specific filters for type, size, price, building class, and lease type are positioned at the top left of the page.

Users can choose to set a custom alert for when their specific type of space becomes available. They can also use a more general search bar for exploring in cities or by keywords.

Below these interactive search bars, users can scroll through lists of available spaces; thumbnail images and links listed in blue, quality of space in red, and location, type, and cost in light gray—provide users the chance to visit external site pages detailing more about the office or commercial space and provide users with chat forms to ask more questions about specific locations.

Consistent design details, colorful themes, and minimalist layouts give users a more intuitive and simplified experience on a platform that can help them explore workspaces all over the world.

Space List is a clean website design in the Real Estate industry.

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