Property Cayman Beautiful Homepage

Property Cayman is a real estate company based in the Cayman Islands. They specialize in buying, selling and renting property on the islands and their website is set up to help guide any potential buyers or sellers how best to go about their property decisions.

Understandably, the primary strategy behind the website is to make the island and the properties as appealing as possible, as online is generally the first point at which people will begin their search for a new house. With that in mind, it’s evident why they have opted for a very visual-focused website layout.

The use of full-width images, particularly for their featured properties, is compelling. Rather than being overpowering the use of the large images lets you see details on the property that you might normally miss.

Property Cayman Beautiful Gallery Page

The website is bolstered by the effective use of both written content -- through their blog -- and visual content -- through their video section. It’s an interesting way for potential buyers to essentially interact with the faces behind the names of the people they’ll be buying the property from before they’ve even met them.

The UX is simple and the navigation is straight-forward, which is all that is really required for this type of website. It’s quite easy to quickly browse through a number of properties, which is exactly what you want to be able to do.

The colors used throughout the website are reflective of the colors you’d generally associate with the Cayman Islands themselves -- dark and light blues, representative of crystal clear waters. This is a nice touch, and again, one that will seemingly resonate quite well with the target audience.

Property Cayman Beautiful Product Page

The website features a few nice features that help make the buying/renting process even smoother. For example, the built-in mortgage calculator lets you quickly check whether the property you’re viewing is within your budget. There’s also an effective contact system by which you can reach out to an agent directly - again, making the users experience that bit smoother.

The desktop version of the website performs nicely, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be optimized (as of Oct ‘17). Overall, this simply designed website does a good job of promoting the properties they have available on the island clearly. They go above and beyond expectations with some of their blog and video content, adding another compelling layer to the user experience.

Property Cayman is a beautiful website design in the Luxury, Real Estate, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.