How Accounting Firms in Charlotte, NC, Differ from Their U.S. Peers

According to Forbes, Charlotte is a central U.S. financial hub and currently the second-largest banking center after New York City.

Some of America’s most renowned banks are headquartered in the city, including:

  • Bank of America Corp.
  • Truist Financial Corp.
  • Wells Fargo & Co.

Considering its status as a financial center, Charlotte tends to attract a rich pool of qualified professionals, spearheaded by specialists in finance and accounting.

In fact, there are currently 3,639 job openings in the city, as listed by the popular hiring platform Indeed. With such a healthy job market, it’s no wonder that Charlotte hosts some of the country’s finest accountants and financial thought leaders.

The city is also home to several top universities like the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Queens University of Charlotte, and Johnson & Wales University - in Charlotte, among others. Moreover, other notable educational institutions are based in the city’s greater area.

Charlotte is a magnetic destination for both inland and international students and thus offers an influx of ready-to-work accounting graduates.

Therefore, accounting firms in Charlotte, NC, are well-supplied with seasoned experts and hard-working aspiring professionals. This robust combination of resources and specialized knowledge can only result in high-quality, rigorous work.

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NCCPA Board shows that there are 22,403 CPAs in North Carolina

What Services Do Accountants in Charlotte, NC, Provide?

Equal to any other accounting firm in the U.S., accountants in Charlotte, NC, help businesses effectively manage cash flows, create financial statements, stay tax compliant, assist owners in making wise financial decisions and more.

In other words, these experts maintain strong financial organization for their clients. They constantly monitor the health of their finances to support future business growth.

They typically provide these core services:

Some accounting firms in Charlotte, NC, may offer extra specialized services, such as:

  • Audit management
  • Tax strategy
  • Business development and valuation
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How Much Do Charlotte Accounting Firms Charge for Their Services?

The top accounting firms in Charlotte, NC, issue no fixed pricing as their rates vary according to a few defining factors, such as:

  • The firm’s reputation, size, and level of expertise
  • Your project’s scope, timeline and services needed

Therefore, the cost of accounting services in Charlotte depends on your business goals and accounting needs.

That being said, you will find hourly rates as high as $300+ or as low as $100 per hour, even lower at times.

Since Charlotte has a considerably lower cost of living than other financial hubs in the United States, local accountants may charge their services more conveniently.

Why Should You Hire Charlotte Accountants?

The main reason why you should consider hiring accounting firms in Charlotte, NC, is, by far, their extensive experience in the area’s most predominant industries.

The major sectors thriving in the city are:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Headquarters

Operating in the local business environment and serving primarily local businesses, accountants in Charlotte, NC, have acquired exhaustive knowledge in these industries.

Every sector has challenges, including different mandatory regulations and other tax restrictions. The local accountants know the ins and outs of the above industries’ regulations and overall financial requirements.

Holding this high-value data uniquely positions the local firms to align with industry financial standards and deliver accurate, precise solutions and reports, achieving the quality of service expected by their clientele.

How To Select The Best Accounting Firm in Charlotte, NC

You can start by browsing the leading Charlotte accounting firms identified by our industry experts. They listed the top providers in the city upon evaluating their case studies, performance results, client feedback, company leadership, team expertise and more.

For a quick yet productive search, filter them by their average rates, team size and customer reviews. Then, follow these few steps to find the best fit for your business:

Step #1: Check Their Professional Qualification

Ensure that the experts you choose are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). This means they have in-depth accounting and financial knowledge and are licensed to practice in your corresponding state.

Step #2: Focus on Their Specialization

Select an accounting firm in Charlotte, NC, that provides your needed services. Various accountants focus on different areas such as bookkeeping, tax, audit, legal, etc.

Step #3: Gauge Their Industry Experience

It’s key to pick an accountant in Charlotte, NC, that has built knowledge in your niche, competitors, and business trends. They should be well-informed about your industry’s financial regulations, legal frameworks, costs and other financial aspects to stimulate business growth.

Step #4: Ensure They Fit Your Budget

Check whether their rates fit your accounting budget. Pricing differs from one company to another and mainly depends on elements like firm reputation and size, your project duration, complexity and more.

Step #5: Verify Their Accounting Tools

Work with a firm that uses the same accounting software as yours. That will streamline the entire process and make data sharing more accessible and faster.

Step #6: Identify if They Can Be Proactive

Your future accounting partner should make efforts to find solutions to make more money, not just manage your cash flow. Being proactive in achieving more profit will make an impact on your pocket.

Step #7: Find Out How They Report Results

Top Charlotte accountants will regularly update you on your business accounts. Find out about their reporting process and communication channel to ensure a smooth course of the project.

Step #8: Measure Their Availability

Outsourcing the right accounting services for your business depends on your timely needs. Decide whether you request data and solutions promptly or are pleased with meeting your accounting partner regularly.

Step #9: Meet the Team

Another critical aspect of choosing the right accounting firm in Charlotte, NC, is to get to know the team working on your account. Figure out how long they have been in the business, their experience serving similar clients or whether you have the same working ethic.

Step #10: Read their Reviews

Don’t forget to skim their customer reviews to gauge valuable insights about their company culture, leadership, flexibility, transparency, ability to deliver accurate results, meet deadlines and overall professionalism.

15 Questions to Ask Accountants in Charlotte, NC

  1. Does your team have experience in our industry?
  2. What accounting areas do you excel at?
  3. Are you a cloud-based or paper accounting firm?
  4. Can you talk about a few challenges and how you overcame them?
  5. What would be your top advice on how to induce business growth?
  6. Will we have a dedicated team for our account?
  7. Is every specialist working on our account a certified CPA?
  8. What types of accounting tools do you have in place?
  9. What is your feedback about our current software system?
  10. What steps will you take in preparing our business for tax season?
  11. How will you track the progress made and share it with us?
  12. What is your preferred channel of communication? How often shall we be in touch?
  13. Who from your team will take the lead on our account?
  14. Why should we hire you as our accounting firm?
  15. What are your pricing structures?
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Takeaways on Accounting Firms in Charlotte, NC

Operating in an important financial center, accounting firms in Charlotte, NC, demonstrate a strong grip on various financial and accounting areas.

Most businesses in the city and surrounding areas outsource their services to benefit from their:

  • Highly-skilled accountants
  • Local market expertise
  • Affordable rates

Accountants in Charlotte, NC, tend to excel in providing successful results to clients within the locally dominant sectors: advanced manufacturing, financial services, IT, healthcare, logistics and distribution, headquarters, and more.

The local firms charge between $100 and $300+ for their services.

To find the most suitable provider for your accounting needs, take the following steps:

  • Verify if they are CPA
  • Check their accounting specialization
  • Determine their niche experience
  • See if they fit your budget
  • Learn about their accounting software
  • See if they can be proactive
  • Figure out how they send reports
  • Check their availability
  • Meet the team members
  • Read their client reviews

Best of luck!

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