How Do Advertising Agencies in California Separate Themselves From Competition?

Advertising agencies in California offer the same or similar services just like their US-based competitors.

However, there are several key facts that make them unique:

Fact #1: They Are Notorious For Their Creativity

According to research by Otis College of Art and Design, the creative sector in California is thriving and it:

  • Provides an annual boost of $650 billion
  • Supports 2.7 million jobs
  • Brings $209.6 billion in labor income

The sector includes various fields including:

  • Entertainment and digital media
  • Creative goods and products
  • Architecture and related services
  • Fashion
  • Fine arts and performing arts

The biggest creative employment sector is entertainment and digital media with 740,000 employees.

In fact, the digital media branch incorporates professional services like:

California is one of the biggest employers of advertising, promotions and marketing specialists in the US and the number of jobs in the industry amounted to 314,900 in 2019.

Thanks to its proximity to Hollywood and an entertainment sector that is booming, California advertising agencies are widely known for their creativity and innovation capacities.

Fact #2: They Are Proficient In The Locally Dominant Industries

California’s economy is a global powerhouse.

According to Livability, if the state was a country, it would have the sixth-largest economy in the world. And it would surpass the economies of Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

As Bloomberg states, though California is only a third the size of Japan, yet its economy is stronger. The state contributed with a GDP of $2.94 trillion in 2019.

The leading industries that drive California’s economy are:

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry

Operating under the state’s sky, advertising agencies in California have naturally accumulated experience in these major sectors.

Fact #3: They Employ Bilingual Talent

With a population of 39,937,500, The Golden State is home to one of the world's most diverse populations.

The five largest ethnic groups in the area are:

  • White (Non-Hispanic) - 36.6%
  • White (Hispanic) - 22.9%
  • Asian (Non-Hispanic) - 14.5%
  • Other (Hispanic) -13.5%
  • African American (Non-Hispanic) - 5.51%

According to World Population Review, 55.87% of the state’s residents speak only English.

Other common languages are:

  • Spanish (28.72%)
  • Asian and Pacific Island (9.9%)
  • Other Indo-European (4.5%)

This indicates that California advertising agencies employ bilingual talent who understands the multicultural markets well.

downtown Santa Ana in California
California's creative sector provides an annual boost of $650 billion

What Services Can You Outsource To Advertising Companies In California?

With the rise of digital media, today’s ad agencies operate much differently than they did some 24 years ago when the first digital ad appeared.

Therefore, advertising agencies in California and all related companies in the US and beyond offer a different range of services depending on their specifications and the experts they employ.

You can outsource the following services to these types of ad agencies:

  • Traditional advertising agencies: They specialize in creating commercials and ads for traditional mediums and channels like billboards, newspapers, TV and radio.
  • Social media advertising agencies: They place their efforts on developing highly targeted campaigns on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Digital advertising agencies: They specialize in launching PPC and email marketing campaigns and also provide support on a range of digital channels like search engines, social media, and more. However, their expertise goes beyond advertising and they also offer additional services like graphic design, print and branding.
  • Public relations agencies: Their job is to handle their clients’ reputations. So, to affect their public perception positively, they engage in different tasks like publishing press releases, managing social media profiles, communicating with customers, preparing and editing organizational publications and more.
  • Media buying agencies: These types of advertising agencies in California help businesses set the right budget and the right medium to place their ad. These types of companies also have extensive relationships with publishers. This is a key characteristic that allows them to offer better services to their clients with better rates and value-add placements.

How Much Do California Advertising Agencies Charge For Their Services?

Most advertising companies in California price their services on hourly rates and time estimates.

This is the most common way of pricing projects and usually depends on a few factors like:

  • Company stature and size
  • Project complexity and scope
  • Project deadline
  • Additional services included
  • The number of experts engaged

Based on your requirements, you can expect to pay between $25 and $1,000.

The fee per project is another alternative. In this case, California advertising agencies have preset prices for specific services.

They are usually fixed and you cannot negotiate on them. The price range for the cost per project is $1,000-$50,000+.

Some firms may also offer a result-based fee. As the name itself tells, it will depend on specific results.

Therefore, your agency partner will charge you according to the project outcome. These depend on your specific goals and may include:

  • Higher social engagement
  • Boost in website traffic
  • More conversions
  • Increases search engine rankings
  • And more

Why Should You Hire A California Advertising Agency?

These are the top three reasons why you should invest your time and money in one of the best advertising agencies in California:

  • Enjoy internationally competitive services: California advertising agencies operate in the biggest epicenter of entertainment and media. Being home to Hollywood and the biggest center for innovative technology companies in the US, Silicon Valley, local agencies offering professional services excel in creativity. These are key characteristics that make them stand out from their competitors and deliver internationally competitive services.
  • Take advantage of their local market know-how: Advertising companies in California have a long and successful history with local businesses and industries. Their deep experience in the local market, audience, industry trends, challenges and opportunities allows them to create winning strategies.
  • Leverage their bilingual resources: California is one of the most diverse states in the nation. It means that the local advertising agencies employ a bilingual workforce who understands the multilingual audiences and multicultural markets well. These are key characteristics that make these experts uniquely positioned to help you reach and engage a wider audience on local and global levels.
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How To Choose The Best Advertising Company In California

Take the following seven steps to make the search for the best California advertising agency easier and quicker:

Step #1: Ask About Their Core Competencies

Advertising agencies in California provide a number of different services. These range from traditional advertising techniques to more innovative, digital marketing initiatives.

But all of these services are aimed at boosting your bottom line and hitting key business goals.

When signing on an ad agency, you want to make sure that they can complete your tasks and achieve the results you’ve outlined. You might know exactly what services these will require.

But even if you don’t, you’ll want to make sure that the agency on hand has the ability to work across a variety of channels and platforms.

Advertising covers a very broad spectrum. It includes everything from print ads to social media posts, PPC campaigns, branded campaigns and more.

Ask potential advertising agencies in California what capabilities they have. Find out what services they provide and what members of their team specialize in those certain tasks.

This will give you peace of mind and ensure that this relationship can continue as your advertising and marketing needs change.

Step #2: Consider Their Communication Skills

Proper communication plays a key role in business partnerships. It can boost productivity, ease collaboration and ultimately ensure your project success.

This is why you need to make certain you pick a partner that communicates effectively with you and your team members.

The agency you hire should be able to communicate necessary updates, progress and results. And, they should do that in an organized way and in a timely manner.

They should define communication channels, a project manager and contact person from the very beginning of the project.

This will ensure your brand identity constantly stays in the loop.

And it will also alleviate any fears and concerns your team might have about the state of your project.

Step #3: Go Through Their Portfolios

Looking at an agency’s past work can give you an idea as to:

  • How they create their strategies
  • How they invest in partnerships
  • What goals they are equipped to meet

Portfolios will showcase each company’s strengths and successes but also point out their weaknesses.

Their previous work will speak volumes about:

  • The type of projects they work on
  • The type of clients they partner with
  • The type of ads they have experience with

...above all, they will tell you about the agency’s industry expertise.

While having experience in a specific niche should not be a determining factor, yet the company that has worked on similar projects will have a deep understanding of your target market, audience and competition.

With this knowledge in hand, they can create customized advertising campaigns that meet your business demands and land in front of your prospects.

Step #4: Understand How They Create Their Strategies

The ultimate goals of advertising are more revenue, higher sales and increased conversions.

However, for you to see a positive return on investment (ROI), you need to partner with an agency that develops strategies based on previous experiences but also unique insights.

They should build personalized campaigns with your brand, target audience and overall business goals in mind.

In other words, they should be data-driven and decide which tactics to use only after they gather meaningful information and look at the analytics of your current performance and marketing efforts.

Step #5: Find Out What Tools They Use

Both traditional advertising and, especially, digital advertising depend on specific tools, apps and software.

They help advertising agencies in California:

  • Conduct proper market research
  • Find relevant keywords
  • Create ads
  • Build landing pages
  • Automate tasks
  • Design banners, business cards and other marketing collateral
  • Gather analytical data and create reports
  • And more

Using premium tools like SEMrush, Canva and Reporting Ninja can help these agencies develop winning strategies.

So, make sure you understand whether the partner you hire uses similar tools since they can give you a leg up on your competitors.

Step #6: Ask How They Measure Results

The agency you hire should first and foremost set the right KPIs. Based on your business goals, they may be:

  • Web traffic
  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Engagement
  • And more

With these measurable values in mind, your partner will be able to select the right medium and recommend a budget for your upcoming project.

Then, once the campaigns go live, they should count on different platforms to track their progress.

Your agency should keep you up to date with the campaign progress and provide you with analytical reports on their performance.

Step #7: Find Out Who Will Work On Your Project

No matter how reputable the best advertising agencies in California are, you are always paying for their team members.

So, you should know who will be working on your project, what their qualifications are and how they will contribute to your company.

Ask about their specific responsibilities and their level of experience. Learn more about who they are, what past campaigns they’ve worked on and what they will add to your specific campaign.

Those experts who will work on your project should be passionate, knowledgeable and have the relevant expertise and experience to execute your campaigns.

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10 Questions To Ask Advertising Agencies In California Before You Choose The Right One

Set interviews with the prospective advertising agencies in California and ask them the following key questions:

  1. Have you ever worked on similar campaigns in the past?
  2. Which team members will work on our project? What is their experience? What will their roles and responsibilities be?
  3. What is your strategic process? How do you personalize each campaign?
  4. How will you learn about our brand, competition and audience?
  5. How will you keep branding consistent across various channels?
  6. How can you ensure the ads you create make a positive impact on our audience?
  7. When can we expect to see results?
  8. What tools do you have access to track, launch and monitor campaigns?
  9. How do you stay on top of advertising trends?
  10. How do you price your projects and how much can we expect to pay?

Takeaways On California Advertising Agencies

Most businesses outsource their projects to advertising agencies in California because they:

  • Are notorious for their creativity
  • Offer internationally competitive services
  • Have local market know-how
  • Understand the multicultural markets well

They can charge you between $25 and $1,000 per hour, depending on your project requirements.

To pick the best fit for your needs, take the following steps:

  • Ask about their core competencies
  • Consider their communication skills
  • Go through their portfolios
  • Understand how they create their strategies
  • Find out what tools they use
  • Ask how they measure results
  • Find out who will work on your project

Best of luck!

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