What Differentiates New York eCommerce Development Companies From Other US-Based Companies?

What can a New York eCommerce development company do that a similar agency in Miami, Chicago or Boston can’t?

New York companies are more likely to deliver high-end services.

Operating in one of the most competitive markets in the world, they are bound to always stay on top of the latest trends to be able to adapt to their clients’ changing needs.

The Big Apple is also a tech hub which is why it attracts and employs some of the best IT talent worldwide.

The huge demand for eCommerce design and development has shaped these developers into some of the finest experts in these fields.

This is why global brands like Coca Cola, Chanel and Maybelline have turned to these agencies to grow their businesses.

Finally, unlike their peers in the rest of the US, these agencies tend to build domain expertise in the locally dominant industries.

NYC is the center of some of the major industries around the globe including:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Professional and technical services
  • Retail trade
  • Manufacturing 
  • Educational services
New York eCommerce development companies: view of downtown New York
New York is home to some of the world’s leading eCommerce experts.

What Do NYC eCommerce Web Development Companies Do?

Operating in such an important eCommerce hub, NYC eCommerce web development companies are among the most skilled ones.

Just like other similar agencies, they specialize in:

  • Developing fully-functional stores, both websites and apps
  • Using different eCommerce solutions
  • Customizing your store to meet your needs
  • Installing a shopping cart
  • Integrating payment gateways and other third-party platforms
  • Offering post-launch support
  • And more

However, unlike other similar agencies, eCommerce companies in New York are highly skilled in developing cutting-edge, trend-setting and internationally competitive online stores.

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What Are The Different Types Of New York eCommerce Development Agencies?

We can classify New York eCommerce development companies into several categories based on:

  • The platforms they use: Each of these companies is qualified and certified in different eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce or Salesforce.
  • The services they offer: Some of these agencies offer consulting services only, while others provide a full range of eCommerce design and development services.
  • The types of businesses to work with: eCommerce development companies in New York tend to work with businesses of various sizes. So, some of them particularly serve small businesses while others work with well-established brands.

How Much Does eCommerce Web Development In NYC Cost?

There are two ways that NYC eCommerce web development companies can charge for their services: per hour or per project.

When it comes to hourly rates, the price falls within the range of $50-$250.

This depends on the level of experience, stature and company size.

However, another option for New York eCommerce website design and development companies is to charge per project.

Here is how the cost can range approximately:

  • $5,000: This is how much you could pay when hiring startup companies for small projects. It can be worthwhile if your eCommerce budget is not substantial.
  • $10,000: A cost for a website with some basic personalized features and creative design. Attracting new customers will be significantly easier with this option.
  • $25,000: If you want a customized website made by an experienced eCommerce development agency in New York, this is the price. It will help with customer conversion.
  • $50,000: Only established companies with a lot of experience dictate this rate. However, your eCommerce website will be top quality and it will give you an advantage over all of your competitors.

Why Hire A New York eCommerce Development Company?

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in eCommerce development in New York:

  • Superior UI and UX: New York is home to some of the best eCommerce UI and UX designers in the world. If you want your store to provide a memorable visual and interactive experience, this is the place to outsource your eCommerce development.
  • Cutting-edge solutions: eCommerce companies in New York are able to translate complex business processes and requirements into elegant software solutions. They will architect and develop a highly functional store that is able to sustain accommodate high store traffic, that is able to scale, and that will streamline your processes with great efficiency.
  • Become globally competitive: With their superior design and development skills, experts that offer eCommerce in New York will provide you with a store that attracts international audiences and outperforms your competitors.
  • Increase profit: Optimized customer journeys and unparalleled customer experience will inevitably reflect on your bottom line.
New York eCommerce development company-01
New York agencies will make your online business more profitable.

How To Choose The Best NYC eCommerce Web Development Agency For Your Business

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a top NYC eCommerce development agency:

  • Services: Some agencies will offer a suite of eCommerce-centric services from consulting to development and marketing, while others will offer highly focused and specialized services. Be sure to identify the companies that fit your business requirements.
  • Technical expertise: If you have a preferred eCommerce platform or require other types of development work, ensure that your partner is able to deliver that expertise.
  • Past projects: While the best New York eCommerce website design and development companies offer high-end services regardless of the client’s industrial background, their past experience will inform their approach to your project. What similar projects have they worked on in the past? How easy or difficult will it be for them to build domain knowledge?
  • Service cost: Top quality dictates top dollar. However, even among eCommerce development companies in New York, there are various budget considerations. Do you opt for an established company that charges more, or a startup wanting to prove themselves that dictate a lower price?
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10 Questions To Ask New York eCommerce Development Companies 

  1. Have you ever worked with companies in my industry before?
  2. Have you worked with any of my competitors?
  3. What kind of eCommerce solutions did you provide for them?
  4. Where can I see your client reviews?
  5. Where can I see your portfolio?
  6. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest eCommerce trends?
  7. Which eCommerce platform do you think is best suited for my business?
  8. How soon would I see results?
  9. Which tools and metrics do you use to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies?
  10. How much do you charge?

Hired An NYC eCommerce Web Development Agency? Here’s How To Ensure Your Project Is Off To A Great Start

New York eCommerce development companies are the right choice for being always up-to-date with the latest trends, for the high-end services they offer and the industry experience they have.

To pick the right partner, go back to the table and compare agencies in terms of cost, team size and location.

Then, once your project starts, make sure you consider the following tips to ensure its success:

  • Be available: Building your e-store should be a collaborative effort between you and your partner. Define communication channels and allocate someone in your team to this project to optimize information flow and reaction time.
  • Dig into data: Whether past, present or projections for the future, pay close attention to the data your eCommerce partner shares. Use these to make conclusions and informed decisions.
  • Stay up-to-date: While your website is being designed and developed, make sure to follow the latest eCommerce trends and keep track of your competition. This will help you constantly improve your store and also understand what your partner is doing and why.

Best of luck!

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